Once a bride, always a friend

One of my favorite parts of doing what I do, is being able to become friends with my brides so that even though the wedding is over I can still be a part of their story.
Once you are part of the AK bride family, I am here to capture life and love as it grows.


I knew I wanted family pictures after our newborn arrived, and I was so excited to know that Abbey had an beautiful indoor studio where my kids, especially my newborn would be warm and comfortable. Family pictures can feel like such a daunting task with kids, especially when they are little. Within minutes of our session Abbey, put my mind at ease, she was so great with my kids and had them laughing. She is such a talented photographer. She was able to capture such precious moments of my little ones, their personalities show through in every photo. I am so happy with how they turned out.

e first met Abbey when she did our engagements, bridals, and wedding photos four years ago; we became instant friends. It never ceases to amaze me how she can so effortlessly capture such precious moments in time. Thanks to her dedication for perfection, I now have many wonderfully captured memories that I will cherish for a lifetime.


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They say it's my birthday... #35 #partytime #donutcake
Sundays + Sunshine + Sports 🌳☀️🏀 #allmyfavorites
This is how you start summer break in style 😎☀️📚✏️We seriously live in the best neighborhood, no wonder we can't talk ourselves into buying a house #snowcones #schoolsout #nowwhat
Playing sports photographer with my boy tonight. He was pretty interested when I told them that sports photographers got to go to the World Series, less interested when I told him they don't make much money. 😂⚾️📷 #sportsphotography #littleleague
As we were getting ready to leave the grave my sweet tender hearted boy asked if we should say a prayer for grandma. It was so sweet and thoughtful and makes me so proud to be his momma. It's these moments where I miss her the most. Mostly I miss that she doesn't have the chance to see them and know them. She's missing so much. These three little ones are the greatest blessing in my life and I know that she would have just loved them and they would have been the light of her life. I know that someday we will all be together and this life will be just a moment in time, but it's still a moment that I wished we had and that my heart hurts that she is not here to know them now. #mrtripp #memorialday #missingmom #missingmoments
Bringing grandma some flowers this Memorial Day 💗🌼💐
Don't let this fool you, earlier today these two considered murdering each other over who was going to load the dishwasher. 😂 #brotherlylove #usuallytheirfriends #exceptwhenchoresareinvolved
I have such a love hate relationship with Monday's sometimes. I love routine and schedule. I love having all the boys in the family get up and get going with their days. I love starting fresh and getting stuff done. But I also wished I could just give in to the super lazy couch potato side of me and just sit in bed and watch Netflix all day. Anyone else out there wished that Monday's officially started at noon?
These three over-energized goof balls are the best thing that ever happened to me...besides their daddy of course. And being their mother was what I was born to do. Sometimes I'm great at it and other times, well lets not talk about that. But I keep trying and with each day I think I'm getting a little better and figuring it out a little bit more. I asked both the boys today if they had to give a talk about what they learned from me the 10yr old said
I have been waiting and waiting for this gal to join the world. I think I was ready for her before her momma was. And I was so lucky to be there the moment she made her arrival. My plane literally landed in AZ and I headed straight to the hospital. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. I am so in love with her and so happy for her mommy and daddy. Just had to share a little peek of miss Riley....and can we all just agree that her hair is amazing 👶🏻❤️ @foilandink
I'm leaving for a week on Sunday to head to Arizona and have a list of about 83 things to do, so naturally I'm laying in bed picking a new outfit for my @bitmoji and settling in to take a big nap. It's amazing to me how incredibly lazy I can be sometimes...and how insanely productive I can be at others. Maybe after a good nap I can get a handful of those 83 things done before it's time to head to the summertime state 😎🌴☀️
Practicing my selfie-game while I'm hanging out at the studio waiting for my next cute client. 😆📷🤦🏼‍♀️
Welcome to my morning 👧🏼😫🤦🏼‍♀️
We've been playing hairdresser this morning, which really just means she has been pulling my hair for the last 45 minutes 💇🏻😫 She kinda does hair the way Monica Gellar does back rubs.
But I'm also sitting here thinking about all these things that she and I do that I don't really ever remember doing with my mom. Her styling my hair, me doing hers, playing dress up, playing makeup, dressing the same (capsule wardrobes at their finest) and so many other things. It's such a bittersweet feeling. She tells me all the time that she wants to the mommy so she can be like me. I don't remember ever wanting to play mommy as a little girl, so it helps me feel like I must be doing something right in her eyes. I am so cherishing this second chance at a mommy and daughter relationship.
Can I tell you a secret? Most days I loathe instagram. When you own a business and have a social media account it can be this never ending battle of trying to post the right thing. Can't talk too much about my kids because that annoys my clients. Can't talk too much about business because that annoys my friends. Especially with this account I feel a tugging at my heart lately to share more about motherhood. Cause you see I am kind of making it up as I'm going along...and somehow it's working out pretty well. So I think for now this space is going to be all about how I'm raising these little weirdos to be pretty amazing humans and all the stuff that happens when I'm not at work. My mom voice...in a good way 😉. So if you want the business tips you should follow @akcommunity. Or if you want to see the photography you should follow @akstudiodesign. But if you want to watch me making it up in motherhood then I'm happy to have you here ❤️