Mary & Chase | Salt Lake City Utah Engagement Photography (Pt. 1)

If there was ever a dream client, it would be these two. They were absolutely wonderful and I am so excited to be doing their wedding this summer. Its going to be so lovely. We had such a great time at their engagement session and I just loved getting to know them a little bit better. Here is a little bit about what Mary had to say about how they met,

“We met at a super bowl party last year and after talking about how bad I was at accounting, he offered to tutor me. I never took him up on the offer, but we ended getting lunch instead. About a month later I was going to Jerusalem for a study abroad, so I just let things fade out before I left. While in Jerusalem, sitting on the beach in Tel Aviv, a song came on that reminded me of him so I sent him a message. We ended up messaging back and forth the rest of the summer while I was away. After a few months of messaging, he got in his car and the song “Tell Her About It” by Billy Joel came on and he decided he needed to tell me how he felt. When I came back from Jerusalem I still kind of blew him off, but after a weekend trip to Newport where i stayed unknowingly at his family friends house, I decided we needed to date. I came home, called him and told him on a drive that I wanted to date and give it a try or else we would never know. And we’ve never spent a day apart since!”

Hope you enjoy the first part of their session. This location is only five minutes away from my house and is one of my new favorites…for obvious reasons!

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