I never planned to be a wedding photographer. In fact, it wouldn’t have even been on my top ten list of possible career options. But I am so lucky that wedding photography found me. It has opened doors, created relationships, and taken me places I never thought it would.

To know me, you have to know a little bit about my past. I grew up a child of an ugly divorce and parents who turned their own lives into a mess, and their children were just a victim of the aftermath. I was never surrounded by that all consuming, fill you from the tips of your toes to the tips of your nose kind of love and security.  I learned young a very valuable lesson:


I discovered that I am a girl who knows that it’s easy to give up and walk away, but true love is worth fighting for.  Along with watching my parents and how much they struggled, one very important thing happened to me that completely shaped my world. I met my husband Tyson. I truly believe that my life began with him. Every exciting adventure, every cherished memory, every blissful moment began with and continues to be wrapped up in him. He made me a wife, he made me a mother to three beautiful babies, he gave me the family I always wanted, and he has continued to stand by me and support me through every dream I have had. He has given me everything I could ever want in life.
 And that love and gratitude for him, is one reason that I love weddings so much. I love seeing that same miracle take place in someone else. To see how much you love each other and how excited you are to share your lives together. And to watch on your faces that gratitude you have for each other and the promise of what is out there for you.

I think that life is full of adventure! And I think the most important adventure of your life begins with the day you say “I do.” And I feel so excited and honored to be a part of that time in someone’s journey. I feel so lucky to know that I am the one who gets to tell your story, through my lens.

Even after being a part of hundreds of weddings, I still get butterflies of excitement from each one. The first time I see the bride all dressed up, seeing the look on his face when he sees his bride for the first time, and so many other tiny fleeting moments. These moments of your life become a treasured memory in mine.

I am definitely a genuine, heart on your sleeve kind of girl. With me what you see is what you get. I am sentimental about love to the core. I feel so blessed to be in this moment. And I look forward to hearing all about your love story and how you came to be where you are with this wonderful person.


They Say It Better Than I Ever Could

"I feel like my pictures perfectly captured WHO we are as people and not just a wedding we planned."

Abbey was just as important to me as my bridesmaids! (Don’t tell them that!) When it comes to weddings she has basically become part of the family! When we talk about weddings everyone knows Abbey will be involved! Not only is she extremely talented with photography, but she is an amazing business woman and has the perfect balance of being professional and relatable. She gave helpful advice on planning the day, she was flexible throughout the whole set of events, she was reliable, but most of all she was FUN! There are a couple guys in my family who don’t like pictures. It made a world of difference to have Abbey there because she makes it so much fun, even the guys were relaxed and enjoyed it! It does wonders for your pictures when the photographer is able to connect with people so they look their most natural in the photos. And that is exactly why I chose Abbey! I feel like my pictures perfectly captured WHO we are as people and not just a wedding we planned. That means everything to me!

"She is a ray of sunshine, a breath of fresh air, and a level head amidst the chaos!"

Abbey Kyhl... where to even begin? She is a ray of sunshine, a breath of fresh air, and a level head amidst the chaos! I first stalked her blog and immediately fell in love. What talent! I loved her photographs, they expressed so much emotion. It is so important to feel comfortable with your photographer, you don't want to look forced in your photos! Well, comfort was not even a question the moment I met Abbey, she truly is a people person! I could tell she had a strong desire to connect with Carter and I, and to become our friend. I felt all nerves concerning photography melt away, and I knew we were in good hands. Abbey was always clear, concise and deliberate in her actions. She is proactive and makes sure to understand what you want and are looking for in your photos. I felt so relaxed at our shoots and on my wedding day knowing that Abbey was so skilled at her trade and that she would take stunning photos of the moments I wanted to remember most. She is an absolute joy to work with and you will come away from your sessions with not only out-of-this-world photographs, but with a new friend! Honestly, I could go on forever about Abbey, but if you take away one thing from reading this, it should be that you will never regret having Abbey capture the special moments in your life.

"When you think she isn’t watching, she will capture the most treasured candids"

When Cullen and I got engaged, one of the first things I wanted to focus on was choosing an amazing photographer. When we first met Abbey, she connected with us immediately and saw the vision we wanted! She was spunky, fun and outgoing. She made us feel so comfortable. She captures moments perfectly. When you're not thinking she is watching, she will take the most treasured candids. She has a way of showing true love through the camera! She let Cullen and I be ourselves. She truly cares about each photo by getting the perfect lighting and location. She cares about getting to know the couple. She cares about making everyone feel comfortable, while having fun and laughing along the way. She cares about every detail. She cares about communication throughout the process. She takes time to get your love story depicted through the camera. She will do whatever it takes to be positive the bride and groom are satisfied. She is there for you and your fiancée to make sure you feel stress-free knowing your photos will turn out beautiful. The best decision was having Abbey as our photographer. The memories we have from our wedding are captured through photos. These photos will forever be the best gift for me and Cullen since we can relive our wedding day everyday!

"She made sure everything was perfect and captured every little thing down to the last detail!"

Abbey is a dream! I can honestly say that there is no one else I would have rather shared this special time in my life with. Hiring her to shoot our wedding was hands down the best decision we have made. She is so much more than an amazing wedding photographer. She made sure everything was perfect and captured every little thing down to the last detail! All of our photos were absolutely stunning and she captured everything I could have ever imagined. I have gained a lifelong friend and I am so incredibly thankful that I had the privilege of working with her. I cannot recommend her enough! She is honestly, my absolute favorite!

"Abbey has an incredible gift of making you feel so comfortable and beautiful while she's working.."

When I was trying to decide on a wedding photographer, all I had to do was look at Abbey's pictures to know that there was something special about her. As the day of our first shoot approached, I was nervous because I'm not an experienced picture taker and I didn't want that to show. My worrying was pointless though! Abbey has an incredible gift of making you feel so comfortable and beautiful while she's working. Our pictures captured our true relationship because it was so easy to instantly open up to her. That's the magic behind Abbey's talent. When she takes a picture, she captures the emotion behind it. That is a priceless gift and I will forever be grateful to Abbey for giving us such clear memories of how we felt before and during our wedding, not just the things we did. She is incredible!

"Looking back through our wedding photos is like re-living our special day and it is priceless."

Working with Abbey was fun, laid-back, and exciting all at the same time! My favorite part about working with Abbey was knowing that I was going to love the images she would capture. Her talent for making a connection with brides on a personal level and photographing beautifully makes her brand incredibly unique. Looking back through our wedding photos is like re-living our special day and it is priceless. I will recommend her to all future brides I come into contact with because I can trust that they will love their photos as much as I love mine.

"We knew we could count on her."

From all the wedding advice I received upon my engagement the best by far was to be selective about your wedding photographer. While some things only last for the 'big day' your pictures will last forever. My husband and I could not have been more thrilled working with Abbey and the memories we received. She was a blast to work with and set our minds at easy during stressful moments. We knew we could count on her. We had some newly blended families at our wedding and we were so impressed with Abbey and the time she took before hand to know who was who and not make anything awkward. We love her and can't wait to work with her again!"

"I love how our wedding photos will look timeless for years to come."

We loved working with Abbey! My fiance was not looking forward to taking pictures, but she made it so fun and he really enjoyed our sessions with her! She took the time to figure out what style I was imagining, looked through my Pinterest wedding boards and got every photo I wanted! I love her clean photography style, and I love how our wedding photos will look timeless for years to come. After the wedding day, we got several comments from friends and relatives about how impressed they were with how she handled the wedding day. I've heard of group pictures being really stressful with so many people at the temple, but I was never stressed! She was organized, orderly, and knew the most efficient ways to get all of the group pictures done quickly without confusion. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!

"Abbey was there from the beginning to end!"

Abbey was there from the beginning to end! She was able to see my vision for what I wanted and totally made it happen! Both me and my husband loved working with her because she was so fun to shoot with and helped us act completely natural and relaxed.

"In every session she made us feel so comfortable"

I loved having Abbey as our photographer! In every session she made us feel so comfortable, so we were able to get shots that really showed who we were as a couple. And her edits are beautiful! We were so happy we chose someone who was able to capture every detail of our wedding day with such talent. The photos are priceless. If we had to do it over again, we would choose Abbey in a second!

Meet My Team


I am the romantic one providing soft sunlight images with a timeless feel. Candid moments, laughing and sunlight are my speciality and are a must at every session! I love all things sentimental and knowing that I get to provide you with the most sentimental of items, a captured memory on the most important day of your life, means the absolute world to me.

Wedding Photographer

Kira's Work

Whitney H

With me you can expect outgoing professionalism with just enough quirkiness to keep it from being formal and stuffy. Lots of talking with my hands. Awkward pauses. Some semi-inappropriate jokes from behind the camera. All of which will lead to amazingly awesome photos of you that you’ll LOVE. Get excited. It could almost be as good as a trip to Disneyland! Almost.

Wedding Photographer

Whitney's Work


Constantly seeking joy and the connections that make life beautiful. Easily distracted by pretty things. I love brides and wedding details, but really my favorite clients are under three feet tall! So after the wedding and as your love and family grow, I am here to make sure that your AK experience continues long after you become an AK bride. Because the best is yet to come.

Portrait Photographer

Bianca's Work

Whitney K

I make sure that all of the day-to-day operations happen in a way that keep our brides and clients happy! I’m the one who makes sure that nothing falls through the cracks and that things are done quickly. After all, we believe that fast is best! I make it so your photographer can focus on what they really love…working with you and creating amazing images on your big day!

Studio Manager

About Our Associate Program

Made it to Texas! First stop Denton!
So excited for the next five days of speaking to youth and families about how we can be more time wise with our technology ❤️💙
Oh and I thought I understood heat because Utah is a Deseret but yeah, no. Utah has nothing on Texas 🔥🙅🏼‍♀️
I still have a few dates open in Utah and Arizona if you want me to come speak to your group ✌🏻Just message me.
The last few months some crazy things have happened that have changed me so much. I’ve found myself at so many crossroads and I’ve found myself taking time to pause and just listen and be guided. It has led me to some pretty amazing places I wouldn’t have maybe chosen for myself but that I really needed.
I’ve also tried really hard in my life and my business to really listen for promptings from God on what I should do. I’ve owned a business for 12 years and I’ve never relied so much before on those promptings as I am now.
It’s been interesting what has happened. Earlier this year as I was planning out my marketing plans I had an overwhelmingly strong feeling that Instagram didn’t need to be a part of it for us to find success. So we listened and shut down our photography Instagram account. I held my breathe on that decision. But then something amazing happened. Well actually nothing happened. Our inquiries didn’t stop or slow and our business kept growing. It didn’t need Instagram.
And now here I am again feeling like it’s time to let go even more. We started our #prayseekserverepeat challenge and I totally thought this little platform would be essential to it, but instead our FB group has flourished and become this amazing little community that I am loving.
The last few weeks as we have been planning business things for 2019, I have felt this urging to step back from Instagram even more. I was so unsure about that but then our Pinterest account hit 600k monthly viewers and our Facebook exposure has been flourishing. Everyday all these things were happening that showed me I can do all the things I want to do without being actively engaged in Instagram.
@tysonkyhl and I were talking last night about what is important for our family and what we want us to become and the reality of life is we both spend too much time with our phones in our hands. So in order to be a more present person who has more time to be face-to-face with the people I love, I’m stepping away from the ‘gram a bit. I’m not deleting it but I’d like to live a life that doesn’t include a daily dose of Instagram. So here goes...see on FB friends 👋🏻👋🏻
Last first day of preschool. How did that happen? 😥 I can’t believe how much this girl is growing up. She has more energy and light in her than anyone I’ve ever met. I can’t wait to watch her take on this year and then the world 💛💛💛 #dogoodbekind
It’s this guys birthday. But instead of celebrating him, I’m in bed 🤢. Boo. Nobody should be sick when it’s somebody you love’s birthday. Looks like I am going to have to fulfill his birthday wish...which if you know what he asked for last year 😳🙈 #prayforme
Ditching all my responsibilities to have a super fun day with my girl and her favorite friends 💛
Don’t mind me...I’m just sitting here bawling like a crazy person. 😭😭😭Most people that know me a bit think I’m this super confident, independent, take charge type. But those who really know me, know that I only have the ability to ever be any of those things because of this guy.
He’s truly the reason I can do anything in this world and right now he’s gone. It’s pathetic what a mess I become when he’s away. I fall apart. And of course then I feel terrible because I think, “I should be nicer, kinder and more loving to him when he is around.”
The last few days there have been so many times I just wanted to talk to him because I knew he would know what to say. I miss all his jokes and sarcasm. We had a super emotional day yesterday with baseball and I know it probably wouldn’t have even been an issue if he had been around. Even my kids are feeling it. We just don’t work without him.
He was able to come home today for a few hours and it seemed like the world was just set right. When he left my little eight year old started crying and said, “I just feel happier when we are all together.”...me too buddy, me too.
Later I was thinking how I can’t be myself without him. I can’t be the mom I want to be, I can’t be the friend I want to be, I can’t even be the business owner I want to be. I just feel less and I feel like we just have to hunker down and brave the storm until he comes home.
As I was thinking about how much I miss him and how much he makes the world right for our family, it occurred to me that Christ has the power to do that same thing in our lives. He has the power to make the world right for us.
The last two years have been such a faith growing experience for me and I have learned more than ever that I also can’t be who I want to be without His guiding influence in my life. The closer I come to Christ, the more I truly feel like I am who I am supposed to be. And especially in these times when I’m a mess of a mom and can’t call on my husband, He is there, just waiting for me to seek His help and comfort.
4 games ⚾️ 8+ hours ⚾️ Saturday well spent
My plan today...#prayforhawaii
If you see me over the next five days just know that my husbands out of town (#huntingwidow), my schedule is over booked (#wedding #work #baseball #baseball #baseball), my kids and I are living off fast food (#littlecaesars #inandoutburger #wendys #mcdonalds) and I’m running on empty (#ineedanap)...but it’ll be all good and I’m determined to keep this smile on my face. Even if I’m faking it a bit 🤪 and totally losing my marbles on the inside!
Help this boy out! Look how cute he is, how can you say no. All this boy wants is to do a fantasy football league. But apparently you need more than five people to make it fun...so who wants to invite us or join us or whatever (I have no clue how it actually works) and make this guy happy?? C’mon! #fantasyfootball #idontgetit #cluelessmom
The further into this 100-Day Challenge I get and the more I see others serving one another, the more incredibly clear this message becomes to me.
The most important and impactful service that we provide to others is genuinely caring for and loving them. Talking to them. Reaching out to them. It really does come down to “mastering the art of awareness.” Seeing people and seeing how we can help and fill their cup.
Because I jumped into this challenge I have been actively looking for examples throughout my day of service and they are everywhere. We live in a world that would have you believe that goodness is gone, but that just isn’t true. There is so much goodness, so much love...we just have to be seeking it.
We have to see the value of people who ask questions about how we are doing. The kindness that comes from the person who holds the door open for us or the lady who stops her car to let us merge in. We have to see all these tiny connections we have with each other that are done out of love and the goodness of people.
And we have to never forget that in our busy world, that can sometimes crush us with the overwhelm, that we can give a minute here and a minute there to love others and it counts, and it matters, and it’s important.
#shethatseeks #prayseekserverepeat #100daychallenge #littlebylittle #thomassmonson #ldsliving #christian
Yesterday was so busy pouring into people that I forgot to post our countdown image 🙈 but getting this morning started off right!
We are 10% of the way through our 100-day challenge and I have loved seeing so many people rising to the challenge. Whenever I speak to groups I always ask, “How can we be 10% better in our lives?”.
Ten percent is so achievable! And yet it is still progress. Forward is forward. Small steps add up. So let’s be 10% better today!!!! 10% more aware of those around us 💛💛💛 Here’s to a great day!!!!
So I had this thought yesterday. I love running numbers and figuring out possibilities. If 1000 people joined the 100-Day Challenge and served 100 people during the challenge that would result in 100,000 people served!
Wouldn't that be amazing?
And there are so many ways that we can serve more than one person a day. Like doing indexing that could be 100 people at one time!!!! Or last night my friend @tinafbrown and her YW left notes on cars at the temple so I am sure they sent love to dozens of people. @madebykate_ had a pregnant friend and her son over for dinner, there's three served. My friend, Tenille, stopped to help a family on a bike ride and then mowed a neighbors lawn. @teilaj invited her mother in law to join the challenge. @debbielaughlinwriterphotog spent the day spreading smiles and kindness to everyone she came in contact with. @amanda_anderson_beautiful_life let her kids get a cat after begging for it for a long time. @_elisecurtis is doing some awesome giveaways for seats to @saltldsretreat ! Sharing one of the quotes we are sending to everyone would #sharegoodness to everyone that is in your social media world. On Sunday my family delivered cookies to at least 10 homes. My kids took school supplies to their school yesterday which serves their teachers and the students who will receive them. This morning I prayed for Hawaii and all the families that are in the path of the Hurricane.
It adds up so quickly. So can we do this? I think we can!!!!
If you need ideas download our free idea guide. And if you really want to stay connected and get lots of great ideas come join our FB group! Both links are in my bio! #prayseekserverepeat #shethatseeks #service #100daychallenge
I’ve found myself tearing up all morning. I’ve never done this before when the kiddos head off to school. I’ve always gladly sent them off and been excited and ready to get back my time and schedule.
Maybe it’s because it’s the boys last year together in school and I worry how that will affect their relationship and how incredibly close they are.
Maybe it’s because it’s Jackson’s last year of elementary school and I hate that he’s growing up.
Maybe it’s because I have absolutely loved having them home. I’ve loved how much we’ve talked and how close we’ve become. Especially Jackson. He’s gone from a little kid to a young man and I love who he is becoming.
Maybe it’s because a year ago I made my #sevensummers goal to build a life that would allow even more time off from work and make Jackson’s last seven summers of childhood amazing...and we did it. We had an amazing summer full of so much. My cup is overwhelming from so much amazing summer. I am so in love with what this summer has been for us.
So here I sit, with eyes full, because holy moly I am going to miss these kids so much.
😢 #backtoschool #stopgrowingup #slowdown #sevensummers #summertime #sixthgrade #preschool #thirdgrade
Prayer is one of the most simple and yet powerful ways we can love each other. Hurricane Lane is heading towards Hawaii and I hope that today we can all include the people that are there in our prayers. God can move mountains, He can certainly move hurricanes too. #staysafe @natalienorton’s family, @brookeflanaganphotos, @vanessahicksphotography, @jane_johnson and everyone else in the storms path. 💛🌬🙅🏼‍♀️ #hurricanelane #prayforhawaii #serviceinseconds #shethatseeks
Today just flew by. What a great day celebrating my boy and his birthday and getting ready to send my boys off to school tomorrow.
I have to just share one of the highlights from today. There is a widower in our ward that a few months ago we felt prompted to start visiting with our cookie wagon. We were nervous to reach out to him because we had never even said a word to him before ever.
But those cookies turned into casual hellos at church, then him sharing vegetables with us from his garden. Then visits in his home in Sunday’s to get to know each other better. Which brought us to today. Our cute, wonderful widower friend called to wish Jackson a happy birthday. I was teary eyed listening to them talk to each other on the phone. We are forming such a sweet friendship with this neighbor that I am so grateful for...and it all started with a little bag of some “okay” cookies and a hopeful heart.
I feel so blessed by all the ways Heavenly Father is adding to our lives and the people He is bringing into it. #prayseekserverepeat #shethatseeks #100daychallenge #service #loveoneanother
☀️ The future is bright ☀️
One of my biggest goals with the #prayseekserverepeat challenge is to get my kids involved in serving others and to start to seek out ways they can be helpful.
My DNA made me susceptible to depression and anxiety, which means theirs does too. It’s more likely than not that at some point they will face all those same emotions. But even though sometimes it is nearly impossible, serving others has been like a healing balm in my life for those emotions that can so easily overtake me. It can be a glimmer of light on a dark day.
Today we took some extra supplies to our new teachers and a little welcome to our new principal. I asked Jackson how he felt after and he said, “It makes me feel really happy to serve and help.” Let’s hope he remembers that as he gets ready to start a new school year tomorrow. 😎✌🏻#shethatseeks #service #100daychallenge #serviceheals #firstobservethenserve