Samantha + Ima | Salt Lake City Engagement Photography (Pt. 1)

Meet Samantha and Ima. They are absolutely wonderful. Here’s a little of their story according to her…

“Ima and I met in January 2015 at a FHE volleyball in Provo. Funny thing is that the ward we were at wasn’t even our own! It was my friends, and his cousins ward. He likes to tell people I was surrounded by guys and that he was too scared to come talk to me, and I like to say that he spiked the ball at my face just so he could talk to me. Neither are true though… We just ended up talking and he got my number (but I didn’t think much of it since he was going back to school to play football in Missouri the next week). We texted here and there while he was gone but nothing being serious. He came back in May for Mothers Day and asked me on a date. and since that day, its history! We just clicked, had so much in common, and nothing felt awkward or uncomfortable and we brought the best out in each other. We became official only a few days after our first date and a couple days later I met his immediate family and also a lot of his extended family (he’s Polynesian, so when I say a lot, its a lot according to me..but apparently to him it wasn’t even half of what it really is so I was overwhelmed!) but it was awesome. We even talked marriage not too far after that! I never thought I would be one to say “Well, when you know, you know!” He proposed on my 23rd birthday and I had no idea it was coming. We started out with dinner at The Roof and were going to walk the lights after. When we went out and started walking, all of my family and his family and my best friends were there with a cake and yelled happy birthday, and I started crying thinking this was such a great birthday surprise to have everyone there. The he asked me to dance and then got down and asked. I was bawling. but it was so perfect and I loved that he had the everyone involved and made it so special. He’s the sweetest guy I have ever met and will do anything for me or my family. We have brought the best out of each other and I have never been happier and laughed more than I have with him. We are super goofy and easily entertained which makes everything a good time. We love getting lost in YouTube and finding the funniest videos, watching movies, trying to restaurants and food, playing games, walking temple square, just being together makes us the happiest.”

I am so excited to be a part of their upcoming wedding. Their engagement session was such a dream. Aren’t these blossoms just amazing!

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