Ask The Photographers Podcast

By Abbey Kyhl Faith-Filled Writer. Founder of Women Who Shine + theblueprint™.

I’m just here to take care of the people God has assigned to me. Blessed with what I need. Working hard for what I want.

Are you a portrait & wedding photographer? Do you have questions about business, art & cameras? Come listen to my episode on Ask the Photographers podcast as I talk about managing all things in my life.

I was so excited when the guys over at Ask The Photographers invited me to be on their podcast. Ask the Photographers is a show geared towards portrait & wedding photographers and their questions about business, art, cameras and all sorts of other stuff photographers want to know. This podcast is one of our favorites and is hosted by Steven Dray and Michael Will, two incredibly inspiring guys!

I just love podcast interviews, mainly because I can do them in my sweatpants, but also because I get to meet so many new and fun people through the audiences. I sat down with Michael and Steven as they asked me all about how I make running my businesses and raising my family work! Here is what they had to say about our interview:

“Abbey does it all. Runs a successful multi-photographer studio, owns multiple businesses, coaches, and still manages to be involved in the lives of her kids. This episode is a real butt-kicker, something we all need every now and again.”

I can’t wait for you to check out the tips I shared! The best part about my message? You can have access to all of these business tips (this is just the tip of the iceberg) and ALL of my business materials and SO MUCH MORE by joining theblueprint™.


Are you a photographer looking to learn my secrets on how I manage my business and still stay so involved in my families life?  Tired of always having to choose between business and family? Well, then let me introduce you to theblueprint™! 30 lessons, weekly live coaching calls, built in accountability and everything you will need to build a business that is a benefit to your family and not a burden! Let’s be #bettertogether!

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