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Dealing With Digital Distractions – Helpful Links

Need help taking control of the technology in your family? I am so excited to announce that you can now listen to my presentation whenever works for you! I have given this presentation live and in person to hundreds of families, but I can’t be everywhere…until now! Listen to the full presentation. Let me share…

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February – this month in theblueprint™

Hey there friends, here are the highlights for what we are working on for February in theblueprint™! Of course, if you really want to keep up on the very latest of what is happening in theblueprint™, you really should join theblueprint™ facebook group. I post in the group almost daily and being part of the…

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My Moms Temple Work After Her Suicide

I knew from a very young age that there was something different about my mom. When I was about 10, I learned what it was: my mom was addicted to drugs. Soon after that, I began to learn that my mom also suffered from severe mental health issues. Though she was one of the most…

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A different kind of Christmas: presence over presents

Christmas: presence over presents In August, my family and I started the Pray.Seek.Serve.Repeat. 100-Day Service Challenge to bring more service into our lives. After two years of struggling and being in the midst of a faith-crisis, service was what saved me and healed my heart. Service changed who I was and I will be forever…

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How To Keep Your Inbox At Zero

Here are some suggestions and ways you can help to keep your inbox at zero. Email is one of hardest things to stay on top of, and yet it is also one of the most important ones! How often do you miss out on important things because they get lost in your email inbox, or…

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10 Ways To Cut 10 Hours This Week

Let’s look at 10 Ways To Cut 10 Hours This Week in your life and business So excited to have you hear and for what I have in store for you today! If we are all in a classroom and I asked you all to raise your hands if you feel like you struggle with…

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How Do I Keep My Business Alive, Even When I’m Not Working?-#justask

Let’s talk about how do I keep my business alive, even when I’m not working. Our #justask series just might be one of our favorites! I am really excited to answer today’s question from Ally Amos of Wishbox Photography…she asked, “I’m scared of turning away potential clients and losing clients while pregnant. I tend to…

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7 Steps To Better Business

Let’s talk about 7 Steps To Better Business Do you ever sit in front of your computer and think to yourself, “There has to be a better way to do this. I just know it.” Building a business can be tough. We’ve been there. There was a point in time when I was in front…

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When should I really say “yes” in my business?

When should I really say “yes” in my business? Have you ever attended a workshop or conference and thought the following as you were sitting there listening? This is all stuff I have heard before, I am past this point! I am totally over my head here, I have no idea what they are talking…

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To The Unseen Mother

A Letter To The Unseen Mother I had a friend who once gave me a book. This book, a brilliantly humorous bit of text poking fun at all the age old stereotypes and myths about women, opens by prodding the question, “Ever wonder why women are absent in history books….it’s simply because they did not…

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