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Sunday Well Spent: 20 Ideas

20 ideas to spend your Sunday well. Sunday is often referred to as a day of rest and reflection. It’s day when we can minimize the noise of the world and focus on our most important relationships. It’s also a day when we can fill our own cups in order to more fully serve others…

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On The Road With Freedom Edits ft/ ME!

Freedom Edits and ME sing carpool Karaoke You might not know this about me, but my dream is to be a Disney Princess and just live my life through song. And today’s post is probably the closest I am ever going to get to it. Watch me sing Moana (6:13) and even a little Whitney…

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Who We Help : Foil & Ink

  Let’s take a look at what one of our favorite consulting clients Foil & Ink had to say about working with us! We are so excited today to introduce you to one of our favorite consulting clients! Foil & Ink is an amazing design company from Phoenix! They specialize in authentic branding, custom wedding invitation…

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From Idea To Action – Free Guide!

Let’s go from idea to action with this FREE guide I created for you I think sometimes, because I love business so much, people think that I don’t embrace the dreamer side of myself. That I go straight to strategy each and every time. But that just isn’t true. I spend a lot of time…

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January – this month in theblueprint™

Check out what’s going on in theblueprint™ in January! Hey there friends! So with our ever growing community and so much good stuff going on, we thought it would be helpful if we broke down each month what is happening in theblueprint™ so you can know what you don’t want to miss out on. Here…

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Sprouting Photographer Podcast – How to Make More Money by Running an Associate Team

Want to learn how to make more money by running an associate team? One of the most frequent topics that people want to chat with me about is how we built our associate team and how we made it successful so quickly. I love talking about my team, honestly about as much as I love…

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Elisa Watson | You Can’t Schedule A Fiasco

We are so excited to feature one of our teachers from the The Shift! Elisa Watson, is our guest author on the blog today and she has a message that completely resonated with us.  If you’ve ever been brave enough to make a detailed schedule and tried to enforce it with your children, we have a…

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Confidence From the Inside Out: Morgan’s Perspective

Confidence, we all struggle with this. Let’s learn how to find confidence within ourselves and Morgan is here to help! If you haven’t had a chance to read A Conversation On Confidence — STOP — and read that post before reading this one! Prior to becoming a parent, I was a collegiate athlete, a gifted student,…

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A Conversation on Confidence

Confidence, it’s perceived differently by so many. On our team we have a representative from just about every personality dynamic. How do we survive team meetings you might be wondering? The answer is quite simple: we all have the same core values. We use our different perspectives to learn from each other on a daily…

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Confidence From the Outside In: Abbey’s Perspective

Let’s take a look at Abbey’s perspective of confidence from the outside in. If you haven’t had a chance to read A Conversation On Confidence, I would start there before diving into this blog post. When I think about confidence and people who emulate it, I think of people like Oprah, Ellen, Anna Wintour, and…

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