Bokeh Podcast – The 24-Hour Work Week

By Abbey Kyhl The Blueprint Founder, Time Wise Teacher, Faith Encourager

I’m just here to take care of the people God has assigned to me. Blessed with what I need. Working hard for what I want.

Does the time investment of being an entrepreneur leave you missing out on making memories with your friends and family?

It isn’t surprising when I get asked to speak anywhere that people want to talk about how I manage time and how I achieve harmony between building a business and raising a family. It’s one of my favorite topics to talk about. So of course I was excited to sit down with Nathan Holritz of the Bokeh Podcast and talk about the moment I realized that a healthier work-life balance was a necessity and the shift that needed to be made in my business. Here is what Nathan had to say about our interview:

In episode 86, Abbey Kyhl of Seven Summers Creative shares about the moment she realized that in order to have a healthier work-life balance, a shift needed to be made in her business. This shift led her to a 24 hour work week. Listen in as she describes her journey to self-care and three tips for saving time that she has applied to her business.

Recounting these stories is such a great reminder and was the foundation that helped lead to the creation of The 24-Hour Work Week course which is undoubtedly one of our favorite courses! The best part? You can get the all my best 24-Hour Work Week tips for free in theblueprint™!

I also shared with Bokeh three of my favorite time saving tips that make a big impact in my business! If you liked this episode be sure to check out our other podcast interviews.


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