Salt Lake City Utah Temple Bridal Photography | Emma + Julio

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Salt Lake City Utah Temple Bridal Photography

Every year there are dresses that just take my breath away. Dresses I love so much that I wished that I could photograph them forever. Emma’s wedding dress was one of those. When I first saw her I just fell in love with her dress. The sleeves, the lace, absolutely every detail was stunning and perfect. It seriously couldn’t be more perfect.
And then to make things even better was the unforgettable first-look between these two. Julio wasn’t keen on the idea because he said they are generally so cheesy, but I talked him into and it was absolutely perfect! I just love these two and their connection. They have this amazing love for each other and this quiet connection that I just loved to get to witness.

I just have to share too a few of the reasons Emma shared with me about what she loves about them and their relationship:

What I most love about us is that we’ve always been completely open with one another. I have always had a hard time opening up to other people, but he has always made it so easy to be myself. I love that we like to travel with one another, going to San Francisco and back to New York a few times and soon to Asia. But we also like just cuddling on the couch watching Fixer Upper. Whatever we do its so fun! Thats probably my favorite thing in the world. I also love that he puts up with all the museums I drag him to. Him taking me to the ballet and plays, which I love, which I always in turn take him to Jazz games or action films he loves.

Bridal Photography is one of my favorites, the dresses are just so beautiful.

I literally just love these two and I am so excited to share their bridal images with you…and if you fall in love with these you can’t miss their engagement photos either!

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