Our FIVE top questions about In-Home Lifestyle Sessions

By Abbey Kyhl The Blueprint Founder, Time Wise Teacher, Faith Encourager

I’m just here to take care of the people God has assigned to me. Blessed with what I need. Working hard for what I want.

We love in­-home lifestyle sessions because of the way they closely depict daily life. People often have a lot of questions about in-home sessions and I’m going to answer some of the most frequently asked ones here:

#1 – Why should I choose an in-home session?
With any session, we want to tell a piece of your family’s story. Being at home creates a feeling that we can’t capture anywhere else. We love to do that by photographing even the small details of your home, not just the people in it.
Home is where you feel most comfortable and relaxed. You are surrounded by things that you love. Your family’s favorite books. The quilt that you snuggle up in when you watch movies together. The small details you want to remember. Daily bits and pieces of your life and your memories are what make your family who they are.

#2 – Where in my house should we shoot?
It can be stressful to not only to get your family dressed and ready for photos, but also feel like your home has to be perfect. But don’t stress!  We recommend you choose 2-­3 rooms and focus on those. Some of our favorites are the kitchen, master bedroom, family room and the kids bedrooms. And don’t forget about your backyard!
Kitchens and family rooms usually have the best light. It’s also the place where families gather most often to be together. They are the heart of a home. Which is why we love these spaces.
There is no need to feel like your home has to be perfect either. If you have a newborn and baby bottles are a part of your life right now, embrace it! Clearing up clutter, making the beds and quickly vacuuming are plenty. Then just relax and enjoy being with your family.
One frequently overlooked spot we love is the front entry­way. Opening the front door brings in beautiful light! It’s also usually a spot that is clean and decorated. If you need to spruce yours up, a wreath on the door and a patterned entry rug are super easy additions.

#3 – We live here! How do I make my house look its best?
Little things can make a big impact in getting your house ready. Little bits of pattern and color can create interest in an otherwise neutral space and look great in photos. Another thing we love when photographing an in­-home lifestyle session are sheer curtains. They help diffuse the light in a room, and children are adorable when they hide behind them. Mirrors are also great because they reflect light into the room, but also make for beautiful and unique photos.
If you really want your home to look tip-top you could even do a little more prep and homework by consulting one of the amazing interior designers from Havenly. They have designers who do consults for less than a hundred dollars. We think they are just awesome!

#4 – How do we get good lighting?
Our first tip, is don’t you worry about that. Let us take care of that part. It’s our job to know light. But it does help if we know when those key areas of your home are at their brightest. Depending on which way your home faces, will depend on what time of day your session should be. The rooms with the biggest windows are always our favorites.

#5- Will an in-home shoot cost more?
Nope, as long as your home is within our travel area. If you’d like more info or are ready to book your own gorgeous in-home shoot, contact us here.

Remember, this is a time to relax and have fun! It’s all about enjoying being together and having a tangible memory of the connections and love you have as a family, surrounded by the people you love, in the space that you feel the most comfortable and happy – your home.

For more pre-session advice, check out this post for six more quick tips.

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Family photography is my jam! I would love to capture your next family session. Whether it is fall leaves, spring blossoms or in your home, I can’t wait! Just send me a message and we can get going on the details! You can also view more of my recent work in my family session portfolio.

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