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Let’s go from idea to action with this FREE guide I created for you

I think sometimes, because I love business so much, people think that I don’t embrace the dreamer side of myself. That I go straight to strategy each and every time.

But that just isn’t true. I spend a lot of time dreaming. Dreaming about the life I want, the lives I want my kids to have, what I want our future to look like. And this is crazy, but I dream about what it will be like to be a grandma. How it will all be when all this work of mine has come to end and I am just enjoying the life that I building right now.

I dream about big Sunday dinners with my kids, their spouses, and all my grandkids in our backyard. Playing, laughing, eating my husband’s amazing barbeque. The kids laughing in the tree fort and running through the sprinklers and swinging in the hammock. I dream of weddings in that same backyard that are a true family affair. I dream about being a “mini-van” grandma and shuffling my grandkids from one place to the next. I dream of Saturdays full of all their baseball and soccer games and dance recitals. I dream of carrying around a purse full of dollar bills that they can buy sodas and popcorn with. I dream of Cousin Camp when all my grandkids will come to our house for the weekend.

I want you to think for just a minute about your current dream. What is it? Can you hear the sounds and smell the smells associated with it? Can you see yourself in it? What does it look like….take a minute, write it down.

I think dreaming is such an important part of who we are as entrepreneurs, and really just who we are as people. It is that ability to dream that gives us the confidence to take the leap and dare to take the steps into making those dreams a reality.

I think you would have a hard time finding anyone who wasn’t a dreamer on some level. All of us aspire to do more. But only some people succeed at making those dreams become a reality though.

Why I created this FREE Idea to action guide for you.

I think that there is this pivotal moment when we all decide whether to keep a dream a dream, or to take the first step into taking action and making it a reality.

Dreams become reality as a result of three components:

  • Knowing what you want
  • Learning the tools and strategies to get you there
  • Having the insane focus to combine the tools

In theblueprint™, we talk a lot about how to utilize tools, strategies, and focus to make dreams come to life. But today, I want to do a different kind of exercise.

I want you to dream, to brainstorm, to come up with ideas to start to look at the possibilities in your business and your life. If I hadn’t dared to do that, Seven Summers Creative wouldn’t be a thing. It would have just been a fleeting idea that I paid no mind too as I continued to be stuck in the day-to-day work.

I have created a five-step plan to help you successfully brainstorm and bring your ideas to life. And it’s FREE for you to download!

This guide is a step-by-step blueprint on elevating dreaming. We will be taking all big overarching dreams for our lives and business and breaking them down into smaller workable ideas. Because ideas can have an action attached to them. We are going to live in that space today between where we are just dreaming and having ideas and moving over to the place where they become actions and reality.

So here we go.


Are you a photographer looking to put your ideas into action?  Well, then let me introduce you to theblueprint™! 30 lessons, weekly live coaching calls, built in accountability and everything you will need to build a business that is a benefit to your family and not a burden! Let’s be #bettertogether!



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