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Wedding photo of husband with nose on wifes forehead wife looking at camera
Utah Temple Bridal Photography-Utah Photographer-Salt Lake City Utah Wedding Photographer-Woman in Bridal gown
TrippMom's Best Buddy
My mom is really helpful and she is really smart which is why she wears glasses. She can type really fast which makes it so she can get work done quicker. She always talks to me and helps me figure out my problems. Plus, she can bring cookies.
Kayla Trujillotheblueprint™@trulyphotographyut
I have been a long time fan of Abbey and her business. She has a wonderful mind for business and marketing - the parts of a business that can be the scariest for a creative. I love her perspective on work-life balance. I loved her philosophy that a business should be a benefit to your family and if it's not, something needs to change. Abbey has impacted my business and my family in huge ways. She is kind and such a great industry role model. I have loved learning from her and will always continue to seek her advice.
Wedding photo of husband with nose on wifes forehead wife looking at camera
Emma + JulioWedding Photography
My wedding day, though it didn't go exactly as expected, was (you guessed it) the best day of my life! After weeks of the weather forecast predicting sunny and 80 degrees we left the Salt Lake Temple to downpour! However, it was one of my favorite parts of the day, standing around with our closest friends and family taking pictures in the pouring rain! I absolutely LOVED working with Abbey and Bianca! Weddings can be so stressful to plan so its a huge sigh of relief when you have an organized and on-top-of-things photographer (or set of them!). I really appreciated that Abbey was committed to making sure I was happy with my photos and getting the best quality, it showed me that she truly cares about not only her brides but also the quality of work she produces. She basically is a wedding planner as well, as she kept EVERYONE in line and accomplishing things on time, got our giant bridal party to cooperate with pictures and made sure to capture every single special moment we had. Having timeless, beautiful photos was one of the most important things to me for my wedding and I felt that AK Studio & Design was the best option. You get more than you pay for with the quality, quantity, and timeliness of your images! I never had to stress when it came to my pictures because I knew they were going to turn out perfect, and I think that's something every bride wants!
Todd WatsonIndustry
Abbey is a beacon of wisdom in the midst of the hustle and pressure entrepreneurs feel to launch and grow a business. She causes you to refocus on priorities and the reason to pursue your passion.
Eryn LeighCoaching Student@erynleigh_
Abbey has been a huge motivator in my life and business. I have done her Master's Coaching and just started theblueprint™. Abbey is someone you can always count on to help you move forward. Her focus is more holistic; she looks at the big picture and makes sure your focus on succeeding is not at the cost of yourself. I have felt nothing but pride and motivation from her and the gratitude I feel for her influence cannot be put into words.
Lacey Alexandertheblueprint™@laceyalexander_
I have been mind blown over and over from listening to Abbey speak and taking courses from Seven Summers.  Not only have I received vital information, but I have learned specific tools to take action and become the successful person I know I can be.  Talent alone can only get you so far.  Abbey will take you the rest of the way.
Katrina + ConnorWedding Photography
For a bride, weddings are mostly just trusting that everything will go as planned and that people will come through for you. The entire experience can obviously be a bit stressful and taxing. However, Abbey Kyhl and Bianca Madsen made my wedding experiences dreamlike. My decision to chose AK Studio & Design was easy because both of my brother’s used Abbey for their weddings. I knew she was great but I had no idea how wonderful she would be through all the wedding planning. Even before our engagement photos Abbey and I were texting back and forth about reception venues, florists, and cakes. She knows the Utah wedding space inside and out and every suggestion she gave me was perfect. Our engagement shoot was flawless and Abbey made us feel relaxed and comfortable enough to be ourselves in front of the camera. Our bridal shoot was even more perfect because Abbey and Bianca worked together to capture every detail. I’ve never seen a more dynamic duo than Abbey and Bianca – their energies feed off of one another and make the perfect environment for a photo-shoot. They are both incredibly talented and I felt lucky to have both of them at my bridal shoot and my reception. I never had to worry about either Bianca or Abbey missing an important moment because they were always there and always consulting me on what I wanted captured. The pictures they took and edited for me will forever be my favorite memories of my wedding!
Kylee Ann MaughnIndustry Friend@kyleeannstudios
Abbey is like the mother of all businesses. She‘s an amazing teacher and speaker but even more than that she nurturer, supports, hand holds & cheers you on along your path - whatever it may be.
The GilmoresCoaching Student@gilmorestudios
Abbey is a wealth of knowledge and has so many good ideas that we have implemented in our studio to grow.  She helped us with strategies, simple tricks to do things better and faster, and is teaching us how to manage other photographers.  There is such a HUGE value in being able to talk to someone that has been where you are wanting to go.  Hiring Abbey as a business coach has been the most influential thing we have done in our business this year and we are excited to continue working with her.
Erica PowellIndustry Friend@ericapowell
Abbey has been a speaker at my retreat as well as a personal inspiration to me as I have been building my business. She is bold, brave, and always keeps her family at the heart of her business decisions, which has inspired me to do the same for myself. As an educator she is motivating, honest, and has the ability to simplify even very difficult concepts, allowing business owners to feel confident about implementing the concepts she teaches. I’m grateful to be a part of Abbey’s community and look forward to our next steps and projects together.
Lauren + ZekeWedding Photography
Having Abbey be apart of our wedding was one of the best decisions we made. Not only is she organized and can run a full day of wedding photography flawlessly, she is was also so fun to work with!! Abbey took the time to get to know us, and the vision we had for our wedding. Not one detail was left undone. I like Zeke's description of working with Abbey best I think, 🙂 " Having Abbey around was like having my mom around! On the morning of the wedding, when I got out of the shower to get ready, Abbey already had my tux, shoes, socks, and everything I needed all laid out for me! She eliminated so much stress of the day for us. She was so much more than our photographer." Abbey and her team work so well together, and each of them were easy going, professional and charismatic. We feel lucky to have landed such an awesome team for our big day! Thank you so much!!
Amanda + ColeWedding Photography
When we got engaged, one of the first things I wanted to focus on was choosing an amazing photographer. When we first met Abbey, she connected with us immediately and saw the vision we wanted! She was spunky, fun and outgoing.When you're not thinking she is watching, she will take the most treasured candids. She has a way of showing true love through the camera! She let us be ourselves. She truly cares about each photo by getting the perfect lighting and location. She cares about making everyone feel comfortable, while having fun and laughing along the way. She cares about every detail. She cares about communication throughout the process. She takes time to get your love story. She will do whatever it takes to be positive the bride and groom are satisfied. She is there for you and your fiance to make sure you feel stress-free knowing your photos will turn out beautiful. 
IvyThe Baby Sister
My mom is really good at working with her friends. She also is really good at eating dinner with our family. She can give you the prettiest Pail Nolish (nail polish) and she will take you to Lagoon.
Kelsee BoyerThe Shift@kboyerfilms
Being able to say The Shift was a life raft for me is my favorite truth of 2018 so far! Each course has brought positivity, encouragement, and empowerment to me. More important than any business tip or trick, to me, is the personal, daily life, core person uplift it has brought. Each instructor has helped me coarse correct in one way or another and I can not wait to continue implementing daily what I have learned. The Shift has helped me see that critical to any success, in any industry, is an individual who can take charge of their own life and live it well. I now have in my arsenal incredible reminders of how to get back on track and I will always be grateful for that.
Kimmie + NickWedding Photography
Abbey Kyhl was fantastic. Not only was she always really responsive and helpful, the quality of her photography is hard to beat. I would recommend her to anyone who needs their wedding done! I have received so many compliments on the quality of our photos and I couldn't agree more. From the engagement session to the bridals and then the wedding I will cherish these photos for my lifetime. Abbey was also down to business and good at commanding a crowd. That is a good quality in a photographer since they basically have to herd cats. And get that second photographer! She caught some great moments for us and I am so glad we had the team backing us! Overall, I am beyond happy with their work!
Kenzie + JaceWedding Photography
I absolutely loved working with Abbey! She is so fun and so sweet. She makes you feel so comfortable while taking your pictures, especially for my husband who wasn’t really used to posing for pictures. She is great at what she does! She was able to direct and pose everyone for pictures in an orderly manor, while making sure everyone looked good without taking up a ton of time. That was so impressive to me! She really makes sure to capture so many details of your wedding so that you will always remember it. Her photos always turn out so beautifully! I absolutely love how mine turned out and I find myself looking at them all the time. She is such a kind and genuine person, and I absolutely loved working with her and becoming friends with her as well.
Emilee + JaxonWedding Photography
I love Abbey. She's amazing! She listened to our thoughts and opinions and she was so great at taking pictures quickly at the temple so that others could use the steps. I loved how thoughtful and caring she was. I honestly consider her a good friend now! I only spent a little of time with her but she was so caring and considerate that I felt like I had known her forever. Her helpers were so sweet as well. Best photographers ever!
Bryn + McKayWedding Photography
I have nothing but good things to say about Abbey! Besides taking stunning photographs Abbey is positive, outgoing, and always has a plan B. She captured the precious moments between myself, my husband, family, and friends. My husband's best man has great respect for Abbey and her ability to get a bunch of 21-22 year old groomsman to stop messing around and smile for a picture. Abbey took control and kept the night moving so I didn't have to worry about a thing.I absolutely loved how the pictures turned out and will forever cherish them.
Mary + ChaseWedding Photography
I loved working with Abbey because she just made us feel comfortable. I remember when we were arriving for our engagements Chase was so nervous because he hates taking pictures, but Abbey made it such a casual, fun experience for him. I was also impressed on our wedding day that Abbey was able to just get things done. Having a large family on both sides can be hard to get all the group photos you want, but she just took control and got it done so fast, and the pictures still looked so so amazing! Abbey definitely has a way of capturing beautiful moments, and making them even more beautiful than you remembered.
Priscilla DavisTeam Member + Former Student@priscilladavis
Abbey and Seven Summers Creative has helped me take back my life by taking control of my TIME. I’ve learned how to make the best use of my time so that I can spend it with my family. I learned that every time I said YES to something I shouldn’t, that meant I was saying NO to my family. I’ve kept that thought with me always. No more digital distractions, no more overworking myself, and no more mom guilt over missed moments. Now with two kids I’ve learned that time is what matters and I have to spend it wisely.
JacksonThe Mini-Me
My mom is a hard worker and she never backs down from a job. She has a lot of confidence and is always kind. She always helps me when I have problems, so I am sure she could help you. Plus, she never lets out her monster voice, she always uses her nice voice.
Hiliary Meenderinktheblueprint™@hiliary.kastudios
Abbey is one of the most creative people I know. I’ve been following her for years and anytime she starts something new, I just think “Abbey is GOLD!” Anything she does is successful because behind her creativity is strategy. Creativity is nothing without strategy and execution preceding it. I’m so happy that I get to have Abbey as a mentor to support and teach me throughout my career.
Jane + CarterWedding Photography
Abbey Kyhl... where to even begin? She is a ray of sunshine, a breath of fresh air, and a level head amidst the chaos! I first stalked her blog and immediately fell in love. What talent! I loved her photographs, they expressed so much emotion. It is so important to feel comfortable with your photographer, you don't want to look forced in your photos! Comfort was not even a question the moment I met Abbey, she truly is a people person! I could tell she had a strong desire to connect with Carter and I, and to become our friend. I felt all nerves melt away, and I knew we were in good hands. I felt so relaxed at our shoots and on my wedding day knowing that Abbey would take stunning photos of the moments I wanted to remember most. She is an absolute joy to work with and you will come away from your sessions with not only out-of-this-world photographs, but with a new friend! Honestly, I could go on forever about Abbey, but if you take away one thing from reading this, it should be that you will never regret having Abbey capture the special moments in your life.
Katie Parkertheblueprint™@katieparkerphotography
Coaching with Abbey is hands down the best thing I have done for my business. Her no-excuse approach makes it extra motivating to get things done. I had a hard time taking big projects and big goals on, and she helped me break them down into easier, doable tasks. Her knowledge for business in the photography industry runs very deep and she know how to help you improve in your weakest points. She was always on top of what needed to be done, and always knew what direction to take next. The best part that I was not expecting was a amazing friendship, someone I could be one hundred percent real with, and someone I will always run to with more questions when I need help!
Natalie + SterlingWedding Photography
Abbey Kyhl was truly a breath of fresh air!! It was so wonderful to find someone so talented, passionate, and outgoing! She made everything so easy and was always willing to answer questions! My favorite part was how easy everything was. I felt very comfortable with leaving everything photography related in Abbey's hands! I would love other Bride's to know that Abbey is so much fun and will take every worry away! She is truly incredible.
Bailey + ChrisWedding Photography
Abbey was just as important to me as my bridesmaids! When it comes to weddings she has basically become part of the family! When we talk about weddings everyone knows Abbey will be involved! Not only is she extremely talented with photography, but she is an amazing business woman and has the perfect balance of being professional and relatable. She gave helpful advice on planning the day, she was flexible throughout the whole set of events, she was reliable, but most of all she was FUN! There are a couple guys in my family who don’t like pictures. It made a world of difference to have Abbey there because she makes it so much fun, even the guys were relaxed and enjoyed it! It does wonders for your pictures when the photographer is able to connect with people so they look their most natural in the photos. And that is exactly why I chose Abbey! I feel like my pictures perfectly captured WHO we are as people and not just a wedding we planned. That means everything to me!
Ryser FamilyFamily Photography
When it comes to picking a photographer, it is always a no brainer to pick Abbey. She has been there to capture my engagements, bridals, wedding day, and even pictures of my newborn. I wanted her to take our newborn pictures and didn't hesitate for one minute even though before she has primarily been a wedding photographer. I knew she would do the best job making us feel comfortable and capturing the pictures I would cherish forever. There's something so special about having a photographer there for all of the most important parts of your life. Abbey has a way of feeling more like family than a photographer. Plus- my husband doesn't really like getting family pictures taken and he has never once complained when it's Abbey taking them. And that alone worth it to book Abbey in my book! She is just the best!
Emily Hardytheblueprint™@emilyhardyphotography
I was tired of being tired and pushing everything aside for work. I signed up for  theblueprint™ and Abbey totally gets me! She is helping me implement everything I am learning so I can make space and time in my life to be present.
Breanna McKendrickWorkshop Attendee@breannamckendrickphoto
At first, I wanted to do and say all of the same things as she does, but Abbey knew how important it was to discover and learn my own processes so that I could share genuinely with my clients. he offers a lot of info and resources that have worked for her, but also gives you enough room to explore what will work for you. She has a great respect for allowing you to be your own brand and find your own voice while she is there to support and help you in any way along that path. That empowerment is far more beneficial than just selling you a template of how to run a photography business where you insert your name. It takes more time, mentoring and care, but the value of this experience is worth so much more!!
Chelsea + ZachWedding Photography
I loved how we got our pictures back so quickly the team is very efficient. It was amazing to have two photographers on our wedding day. I feel like they didn't miss a single moment from the whole day. One of my other favorite things about working with them is that they are able to direct and tell the bridal party and family what to do during pictures very effectively. I didn't have to worry about any of that and that was soo nice. We were told over and over again how amazing our photographers were and we definitely agree. I feel like by the end the whole AK team were my close friends. I will be recommending them to everyone!!
Bryndi + CarterWedding Photography
Abbey is absolutely amazing! My husband and I were both nervous, but Abbey made it so easy! She helped us feel comfortable and gave us  direction so we could feel more natural in front of the camera. It really felt like we were just hanging out with a friend.We both have large families and I have seen family pictures outside of the temple take a really long time with other photographers. Abbey had no fear about working with the large group and took control comfortably and quickly. She knew the pictures I wanted and others that she knew I would want, and got it done efficiently without making it feel rushed. Abbey was also really helpful during the whole event and went above and beyond the responsibilities of a photographer in many ways. She helped me throughout the entire night and was there to keep me on track with the timeline I wanted. I can’t say enough about Abbey. She is so friendly, efficient, kind, talented, and willing to help in any way she can.  The whole AK Studio & Design team was the same. I never felt like a burden when I had questions and I always felt important when I contacted them. They were always so willing to help in any way they could. We gained some friends and can’t wait to keep going back as our family grows!
Emily & RyanWedding Photography
We love Abbey! Working with her was the absolute best decision we made.  Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but Abbey truly was our saving grace! She took the time to organize and plan each detail to know what was important to us.  On such a whirlwind day, Abbey was so much more than our wedding photographer.  She ensured the flow and organization of the day so each minute was as smooth as possible....Abbey was by far the MVP of our wedding! Most importantly, we love our photos! Ryan and I were both nervous and reserved in front of a camera, but she helped us relax and we truly enjoyed every session with her. Abbey has a gift of capturing images that show the emotion we felt on our magical day.  We can't thank her enough for those beautiful moments we can now cherish forever.
Bryan CaporicciIndustry Friend@bcapphoto
Abbey has an incredible way of connecting with people and inspiring thoughts. She is thoughtful and analytical in her teaching, but also kind and caring in her approach.
Kenzie Victory24-Hour Work Week@kenzievictory
2017 was a hard year for me to say the least. I worked over 80 hours just about every single week. By September, I was burned. My husband rarely saw me and when he did, it was pretty much the top of my head as I was usually staring at a computer screen editing. I'm so glad I decided to take chance on the 24 hour work week. It's not just for photographers with kids, it is for anyone that has a business and also has people that love them and want to spend time with them. It isn't fluff, it is real application work. To say the least, I loved it!
Carter FamilyFamily Photography
Abbey is everything I wanted in a Wedding photographer & became my everything photographer!! She never fails to capture everything so perfectly! I love knowing my pictures will come back amazing & couldn't imagine having anyone else. I always look forward to our next session!
MacInnis FamilyFamily Photography
This is our family’s second photo session with AK Studio. We love how organized and professional their staff is. My family received every detail that we needed to have a great photo session. They cover every detail from getting to know us to helping us with what to wear. We were also so surprised and excited both times when we got my pictures back so fast. We love AK!
Shelby + AlexWedding Photography
The wedding day was amazing for us! We had so many guests come up to us and say, "Who is your photographer? She is great! She is so good at getting everyone's attention and she is hilarious!" We loved that Abbey was an entertainer to our guests and captured ALL of our day. It has been a blast going back and reliving our day through the pictures she captured. Seriously, we LOVE our pictures. They are classic and will stay in style for many years to come.
Abbey + AmosFamily Photography
I've known Abbey since I was a freshman in high school and always knew I wanted her to photograph my wedding. She is such a genuine person, and makes taking photos a breeze. My husband, who doesn't necessarily LOVE pictures, really appreciated her coaching to make sure he was looking his best....because let's face it, no one wants to look bad in a photo, and Abbey makes sure that doesn't happen. I also love her ability to catch all those perfect moments between you and your favorite people so beautifully on camera. When I got my photos back from our wedding, all my thoughts and feelings about having Abbey be apart of our wedding were confirmed. She is the best of the best, and I couldn't have picked a more perfect photographer.
Stephens FamilyFamily Photography
We first met Abbey when she did our engagements, bridals, and wedding photos four years ago; we became instant friends. It never ceases to amaze me how she can so effortlessly capture such precious moments in time. Thanks to her dedication for perfection, I now have many wonderfully captured memories that I will cherish for a lifetime.
Courtney + TrentonWedding Photography
I was so nervous before our engagements, because I am always so self conscious in front of the camera, but Abbey was great at helping us focus more on enjoying each other and just having fun than focusing on the actual picture taking. We got our first session images back and we were beyond pleased. They were perfect! And so many options! We had a hard time picking favorites because so many were wonderful. What we worried and stressed about for weeks turned out to be so great even though we didn't expect that because of our own issues. From there we had full confidence that Abbey would deliver more than we expected. She isn't only great at taking photos, but also was so helpful with keeping to the schedule we had planned and making sure we got everything we wanted and more. Though she was out of our price range, it was more than worth it to have such beautiful images that will last a lifetime. And it was truly a much better experience than I ever imagined. We love Abbey! Trenten is convinced we'll be hanging out  at Lagoon and Disneyland in the future with her 🙂
Mary + TrentWedding Photography
I loved working with Abbey!  I  appreciated that she took time from the very beginning to get to know us.  Even at our first meeting, she was very personable and helpful.  She asked great questions that helped me think about my expectations for the wedding photography.  She thoroughly answered all questions I had about how the wedding session.  It made my wedding day less stressful to know I was in good hands. Abbey was so great about making a schedule with us.  Trent and I wanted to start our wedding in the later afternoon.  This made our photography schedule really tight between our wedding and reception.  On our wedding day, Abbey Kyhl was so helpful in all the chaos.  She got the pictures that we wanted to save the memory of our special day.  I have such a large family that it can be tricky to get everyone’s attention and keep things moving smoothly but Abbey was prepared with the knowledge of the pictures I really wanted and she was so kind and fun through the whole process.  I had several friends and family member mention how impressed they felt with our photographer.   I  love each photo from my wedding.  I really appreciate the impressive skill and emotions that shine through our faces. I happily recommend Abbey to anyone!
Krista + CarsonWedding Photography
I love Abbey's style of photography - so full of light and happy couples! So when she was available for my wedding, I was so excited! I was very impressed by how organized she was from the beginning to the end, and how she took the time to make sure we were prepared for pictures so everything would run smoothly. She was great to work with and even made it enjoyable for my husband, who doesn't love pictures. Our engagements and bridals turned out beautifully. On our wedding day, it rained and snowed hard. Abbey got everyone in and out of pictures quickly. She let me borrow her gloves and umbrella, and even had her husband pull up our car for us after so that we wouldn't have to walk to it in the rain. At the reception, she helped make sure we got to each activity in a timely manner, and captured them all. I love how she takes beautiful pictures to capture your best memories, but she is so much more than just a photographer.
Scott FamilyFamily Photography
I have used Abbey as my photographer for 10 years and I love every session more than the last. I love that my photos are both current and timeless. Abbey makes the sessions seem stress-free, but her attention to detail is unparalleled.
Walker FamilyFamily Photography
Abbey Kyhl is hands down THE best. From actually getting your pictures done, to the process of picking your favorites and downloading them, her process is streamlined, professional, and easy! I loved our wedding pictures and I love our family pictures!
Sine FamilyFamily Photography
Abbey and her team are so organized and they were so attentive to how I envisioned my photos to turn out.  Abbey made it very easy to be ourselves in front of the camera. On top of it, the editing is beautiful. Thank you! We love our pictures so much.
Eaves FamilyFamily Photography
Wow, Abbey did it again! And to be honest, I'm not surprised at all. I have been using Abbey as my photographer since I got married, 4 years ago. I am NEVER disappointed in her, her company, or the quality of the pictures. I absolutely love that she offers mini-sessions. My last 3 photo-shoots (Newborn pictures, my family pictures, and my in-law family pictures) have all been mini-shoots and all of them turned out wonderfully! It was the perfect amount of time; I mean lets be honest, husbands & kids do not do well on picture day! Abbey is great about managing her time and getting the job done! Basically, all I need to say is, HIRE ABBEY! You will not be disappointed and I can promise you that you'll hire her again.
Keller FamilyFamily Photography
I absolutely love the laid back nature of our family photos and how comfortable Abbey made us feel. Nothing about our photos came back looking still or posed and I am so excited about every image! I was so nervous that our little ones wouldn't cooperate but Abbey used the rambunctious energy to her advantage and captured their personalities perfectly. I was able to totally relax and let my toddler participate when he felt like it and as a result we got more amazing images than I ever expected.
Wright FamilyFamily Photography
Abbey was the best photographer we’ve ever had!  It was such a treat to have her take our family pictures! She made a normally stressful day so fun! We will definitely have her take our pictures again!
Utah Temple Bridal Photography-Utah Photographer-Salt Lake City Utah Wedding Photographer-Woman in Bridal gown
Ashlyn + DerekWedding Photography
From the moment I got engaged I knew the thing that needed to be on the top of my priority list was finding a photographer that I could trust. When I stumbled upon Abbey's work it was literally like love at first sight. Her talent and ability to capture emotion was incredibly apparent through every single photograph I saw. When Abbey and I met for the first time, it was like I was becoming reacquainted with an old friend. She just has this natural gift of making you feel so comfortable right from the start. While every detail of my wedding was everything I hoped it would be, the thing that I have heard more about above everything else is how beautiful the pictures were. Not my dress, or even how happy Derek and I looked on that day, it was the pictures. Which is well deserved. I feel so blessed to have found Abbey. She is not only insanely talented and has a gift behind the camera, she is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. Not only did I get pictures that I will cherish for a lifetime, but I also feel like I gained a new friend. She's simply the best. Working with Abbey was a dream come true. The pictures turned out better than I ever could have ever imagined, and I know that my wedding day wouldn't have been the same without AK Studio. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you. There simply aren't words to express my gratitude.
Esplin FamilyFamily Photography
When my family first met with Abbey for pictures over eight years ago, of course, I was nervous! Family pictures are nerve-wracking! Abbey quickly got each of us relaxed and in our element and just as quickly, became a friend! Through the years, she has consistently been our photographer. She is able to capture the best of my family in a natural, un-staged way. She helps us to relax and have fun! Family pictures CAN be fun! I appreciate Abbey's willingness to offer advice and help when coordinating clothing choices and locations. My kids adore Abbey and I'm grateful not only for her photography skills but more importantly, her friendship.
Miller FamilyFamily Photography
I absolutely love working with Abbey.  She was the photographer for our wedding, and now she has continued to be our photographer through every big stage of life. We just had our maternity pictures done with Abbey, and the entire process was wonderful. Her posing techniques, location choice, and imagery were perfect. Her turnaround time is incredible as well. Once I saw the images from our shoot, I couldn't help but tear up from how perfectly she captured the feelings we had that day. Abbey will forever be our go-to gal for photographing our biggest and most exciting moments that we never want to forget.
Eaves FamilyFamily Photography
I have done photoshoots with Abbey for nearly four years now. I hired her for my wedding and have hired her for every photo shoot since; which included my maternity pictures, birth story, and newborn/family pictures. I have truly enjoyed every shoot with her and absolutely LOVE the pictures that I get. Besides Abbey's amazing talent of photography, Abbey is extremely easy and fun to work with. I used to get nervous to take pictures; I felt awkward talking to the photographer and I always worried that the photographer would want ME to pick the poses. With Abbey, however, I never felt nervous or awkward and I never had to pick the poses. Abbey comes prepared with ideas and poses, it makes for a smooth and fun photoshoot! Another great thing about Abbey is that she catches the moment perfectly! I can look back on my pictures and feel/re-live that moment. I would recommend Abbey in a second. You will not be disappointed!
Madison + CollinWedding Photography
When I was trying to decide on a wedding photographer, all I had to do was look at Abbey's pictures to know that there was something special about her. As the day of our first shoot approached, I was nervous because I'm not an experienced picture taker and I didn't want that to show. My worrying was pointless though! Abbey has an incredible gift of making you feel so comfortable and beautiful while she's working. Our pictures captured our true relationship because it was so easy to instantly open up to her. That's the magic behind Abbey's talent. When she takes a picture, she captures the emotion behind it. That is a priceless gift and I will forever be grateful to Abbey for giving us such clear memories of how we felt before and during our wedding, not just the things we did. She is incredible!
Stephanie + JustinWedding Photography
From all the wedding advice I received upon my engagement the best by far was to be selective about your wedding photographer. While some things only last for the 'big day' your pictures will last forever. My husband and I could not have been more thrilled working with Abbey and the memories we received. She was a blast to work with and set our minds at ease during stressful moments. We knew we could count on her. We had some newly blended families at our wedding and we were so impressed with Abbey and the time she took before hand to know who was who and not make anything awkward. We love her and can't wait to work with her again!
Mikelle + KyleWedding Photography
We loved working with Abbey! My fiance was not looking forward to taking pictures, but she made it so fun and he really enjoyed our sessions with her! She took the time to figure out what style I was imagining, looked through my Pinterest wedding boards and got every photo I wanted! I love her clean photography style, and I love how our wedding photos will look timeless for years to come. After the wedding day, we got several comments from friends and relatives about how impressed they were with how she handled the wedding day. I've heard of group pictures being really stressful with so many people at the temple, but I was never stressed! She was organized, orderly, and knew the most efficient ways to get all of the group pictures done quickly without confusion. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!
Briana + ThomasWedding Photography
I loved having Abbey as our photographer! In every session she made us feel so comfortable, so we were able to get shots that really showed who we were as a couple. And her edits are beautiful! We were so happy we chose someone who was able to capture every detail of our wedding day with such talent. The photos are priceless. If we had to do it over again, we would choose Abbey in a second!
Jessi + TaylorWedding Photography
Working with Abbey was fun, laid-back, and exciting all at the same time! My favorite part about working with Abbey was knowing that I was going to love the images she would capture. Her talent for making a connection with brides on a personal level and photographing beautifully makes her brand incredibly unique. Looking back through our wedding photos is like re-living our special day and it is priceless. I will recommend her to all future brides I come into contact with because I can trust that they will love their photos as much as I love mine.
Mackenzie + CooperWedding Photography
Abbey is a dream! I can honestly say that there is no one else I would have rather shared this special time in my life with. Hiring her to shoot our wedding was hands down the best decision we have made. She is so much more than an amazing wedding photographer. She made sure everything was perfect and captured every little thing down to the last detail! All of our photos were absolutely stunning and she captured everything I could have ever imagined. I have gained a lifelong friend and I am so incredibly thankful that I had the privilege of working with her. I cannot recommend her enough! She is honestly, my absolute favorite!
TysonThe Hubby
Abbey gives her full dedication and devotion to anything she takes on. Your project becomes her project. But the best part is she is really easy to talk to and makes the work fun.
Amy Hirschi@amyhirschi_
I can honestly say that the best thing I ever did for my business was learn how to run it like a business from the start. This lesson and its practices have helped me across the two different businesses I've started. No matter what Abbey is offering, whether it's an in person workshop, online class, personal coaching, or speaking to an audience, (which I've participated in all of these), I know I'll learn a lot, and feel pumped about life. Now that I'm having my first child and starting a whole new phase in my journey, I'm so excited that I have Seven Summers on my team!
McKenna ReynoldsCoaching Student@mckennarosephoto
When I heard Abbey speak I wasn't sure how to have a family AND a business. Her genuine transparency hit me straight to the heart and relieved so much stress. I was so influenced by her presentation that I had to sign up for her Marketing Lab, The 24-hour Workweek, and 30 Days to Better Business. I worked with her one on one and her skills as a businesswoman and her intention to help you reach your goals is powerful. Abbey knows how and cares about helping you get yourself where you wanna be.
Ryan WelchIndustry Friend@ryanwelchweddings
Abbey has been a huge inspiration within both of our creative businesses. I’ve learnt time-saving tricks from her that I’ve not only been able to implement into my own schedule but also share with my whole team to make us more productive as a business. Thanks so much Abbey - we’ll repay you some day!
Kylie HoschouerThe Shift@lifelooksphotography
I have known that I am going about things wrong for quite awhile now. The feeling of constantly spinning my wheels with the slowest improvements to my business had me drained! As I’ve been pouring my heart, soul and time into my little photography business, my children and husband are often left to play second fiddle to my dreams. For the past year I have wondered where I’ll find the time to learn all that I need to be successful without sacrificing my family. Along came Abbey Kyhl and theblueprint™. I knew I’d found the answer to my heart’s prayer. There have been MANY moments I have let out a “YES,” and “Oh my goodness!” theblueprint™ has spoken to my heart and I am changing my mindset for good. I will be better than I have been before and my family and business will thrive.
Jessie EvansConsulting Client@photonative
Abbey is a genius. After working with her we became more organized and more focused. We learned a lot of things, but mostly that we can't just get by on word of mouth. We need to be actively building our business both online and offline. After working with Seven Summers, we had a clearer vision of what it is we wanted to offer, and how to get there. We were able to more fully translate our desire for Photo Native into a reality, to clarify our goals and elevate the experience for those who attend.
Casey JamesPhoto Native Attendee@casey_james_photography
I recently heard Abbey speak at Photo Native and it was definitely one of the highlights of my weekend. She is so passionate about what she is teaching and it would be impossible to not leave without a sense of empowerment. I was so inspired to make changes in how I run my business as soon as I got home. A few weeks later and I am still going back to my notes and learning from the resources she provided.
Kandis BroadheadThe Shift@wish_kandis_wish
I can't say enough amazing things about The Shift.   I started The Shift because I felt I needed a SHIFT in my business, but what I am finding out is that the shift I need in my professional life is because I needed a shift in my personal life. I am only 5 classes in and I am amazed at how I am already changing. I am learning that I am perfectly capable of making my deepest desires happen and that I have a purpose.  Figuring out what is truly important is already changing my life on all spectrums.   I never thought I needed a course like I know I do.   Abbey and all the other teachers will change your life if you let them.
Elyse AlexandriaPhoto Native Attendee@elysealexandriaphoto
After attending Abbey's class at Photo Native a few years back, I left feeling inspired and energized. Abbey is one of the few teachers who not only will blow you away with her business smarts, but will also give you tangible ways to implement them into YOUR business. And everything she teaches has you working better, instead of adding more to your workload. Basically, Abbey is crazy awesome & is a wealth of knowledge AND goes the extra step of giving you a kick in the pants to actually DO the work. She is seriously the real deal.
Nathan HolritzIndustry Friend@nathanholritz
It’s rare to meet someone in a creative industry with such a strong sense for business and workflow. Abbey is that exception, and the combined perspective of a photographer with the skillset of a CEO and manager means that Abbey can lend comprehensive insight to photographers who not only want to grow their businesses, but also  have a life at the same time!
Bianca MadsenTeam Member + Former Student@biancamadsen_

I'd rather have Abbey in my life than all the pineapples in the world. And that’s saying something! Abbey shares a little piece of herself in everything she does. I knew that investing in coaching with her would give my business the boost it needed. What I didn't realize at the time was how working with Abbey and the team would also help me be a better parent, have a better marriage, and overcome my own personal challenges to be the very best version of me. Those are all things you can’t put a price on! I'm so grateful to be a part of everything that 7S believes in.

Lindsey ArdmoreIndustry Friend@lindseyardmore
After knowing Abbey and Seven Summers for quite some time, I know she is the TOP coach in the creative industry. I've never met someone so passionate about helping others succeed in business as Abbey is. She truly teaches concepts that are missing (yet completely fundamental) for creatives. I'm proud to be a friend of Seven Summers Creative.
Kinsey Holttheblueprint™@kinseyholtphotography
I keep coming back for more education from Abbey! I want to be present for my family and grow my business, and be successful in both areas - she is so good at teaching exactly what I need to do that. She has helped me implement systems, and get organized so that I'm not a hot mess - I'm a CEO! And it's not just about the business. She has pushed me to really take a look at my priorities, break down goals to actually achieve them, and develop habits and mindsets for success in any area of life!
Justin Timberlake@justintimberlake
Just kidding...we didn't help Justin with his business...but we're available if he needs help!
Ashley + TaylorWedding Photography
Abbey Kyhl is the way to go no doubt. I value talent and Abbey is exactly that. She is very personable and fun to work with. She takes stress off the brides' shoulders and is much more than a photographer, but a friend!
Jacki Millertheblueprint™@foilandink
I needed some serious help getting organized. Getting my products out there online for the world to see is a huge struggle for me. theblueprint™ seemed to have the perfect recipe for marketing your business without spending countless hours in front of the computer and away from my family. This will be the best and most freeing decision you make. You will want to outsource everything once you see how wonderful it is!
Anna MarisolUnited Attendee@anna_marisol
I cried while Abbey spoke to my heart. There was a room filled with photographers and many of them parents who also wept as she told the story of 7 Summers. Her powerful speech prompted me to be more intentional with both business and personal life. With easy to follow ways to streamline your business, Abbey offers a valuable tool that lets you get back to your reason why. I found her easy to relate to and extremely down to earth with a wonderful, yet powerful message that left you with no excuses to streamline your business.
Emmie CogginsCoaching Student@photographybyemmie_
Before working with Abbey I struggled with managing my time and was directionless in running my business and making it profitable. She's taught me how to work smarter and how to make things work for me. She has helped me focus on the things that really matter in my business to make it profitable. This last year I more than doubled my income from the previous year!!! Plus I spent less time running my business  allowing me to devote more time to my family. Investing with Abbey has been one of the best things I've ever done for myself, my family and my business.
Terra CooperOnline Student@terracooperweddings
I have taken a few of Abbey Kyhl's classes and she is not only one of the best public speakers I know, but her classes/courses are always filled with great content that is applicable to everyone in our industry.  She has a passion for teaching others-especially from the lessons she has learned along the way so they don't repeat the same mistakes she says she has made. I would highly recommend anything Abbey puts together!
Jessica CaspersonOnline Student@jessicacaspersonphotogrpahy
Abbey has been such an inspiration to me ever since I first started my photography business. I look up to her so much and the way she runs her business. When I saw that she was offering all her education online, I had to take it.
Meek FamilyFamily Photography
Abbey is and always will be my go-to for pictures of any kind, especially family ones. She has been there for every big event in my life so far, wedding, newborns with my daughter, and now gets to be there for family pictures. I love looking back to the pictures to see how my family has grown over the years, and have the style of every picture timeless and the best quality. The style of the pictures stays consistent and the images are crisp and bright. It means so much to me to have someone who knows me and my family so we are comfortable in front of the camera. Abbey is the only one my husband doesn't complain about when getting our pictures taken, which really says a lot. 😉 she makes each person feel so comfortable and truly captures images I didn't think were possible. At our family session, my 15-month-old daughter was a nightmare. She was running away to play in a fire pit and would scream and cry anytime we tried to hold her for a picture. On the drive home I cried because I was so upset thinking we wouldn't have any good pictures of her. Then I cried again when I opened my inbox because every picture was amazing and she captured my daughter actually smiling which I didn't even think she did once! After that one experience when I thought all hope of having good pictures was lost, I know I will never have anyone but Abbey take our family pictures again. They are priceless to me and she does the very best job.
Debbie LaughlinCoaching Student@debbielaughlinwriterphotog
Choosing one thing about education through everything Abbey offers, is like trying to describe life in one word.  Like relationships, businesses change, grow. That's why I realized Abbey was for me.  RELATIONSHIP.  I've spent thousands on other workshops & conventions, that, when over, so was the learning. Zero relationship. Workshops & coaching with Seven Summers grew with me. She encouraged, and also pushed. The advice given, with the right coaching or course for my stage, changed as my business did. This offered me personal instruction, and tools, within the nurturing structure of someone who cared about what I was doing.
Morgan SladeTeam Member + Former Student@morganslade_
One of the single greatest choices I made on my path as an entrepreneur was to invest in courses from Abbey. The material she teaches is tailored to those who value not only their businesses but most importantly their families. If you want find harmony in both those spheres, hear a bunch of sports and BBC series analogies, and gain lifelong friends in the process-look no further. Seven Summers is changing lives and I am so grateful for their role in changing mine!
Eric O’ConnorIndustry
If living your best life is important you need to know Abbey. She gives you the tools to operate more effectively and efficiently in your business in order to give you more time with those that count most, family. Abbey’s energy is infectious. Just sit down with her or take a seminar and you’ll walk away energized!
Meredith RyncarzWorkshop Attendee@meredithryncarz
I attended a workshop with Abbey in Virginia just as I was starting to shift my focus to mainly weddings.  Her advice was invaluable to the launch of us going into weddings full time.  As a mother who had a very poor work life balance, hearing her speak about how she prioritized her family and still made her business work was inspiring and changed how we approached our business.
Jacob McCarthyIndustry Friend@jacobmccarthyuk
Well, what can I say about Abbey! Her knowledge of the industry and her ability to scale a business is enviable. She's built incredible brands in the creative industry and leaves a lasting positive mark on all those lucky enough to come into contact with her!
Brecklee GaleTeam Member@brecklee.gale
Do you ever find yourself trying to figure out what the next step is to better yourself and your family? Well, Abbey and the team can help you with that. Before I started working with Abbey and the team, I wasn't quite sure what the next step was going to be. When Abbey reached out to me, it was an answer to so many prayers. This team has helped me learn and grow, helped me figure out a plan for the future, in the short couple months I've been working with them. If you are looking for the most brilliant gals and the best friendships, it's right here!
Annie HawkesIndustry Friend@anniespring
I have known Abbey for over 5 years now and have been impressed with her work from day one. She is an inspiration to so many within the industry and if you’re wondering why it’s probably because you’ve never met her. She is an extremely driven and hard worker. She always goes above and beyond what is expected of her! If you’re considering working with Abbey, I highly recommend doing so. You won’t regret it and odds are you will look back on this decision and realize what an incredible turning point it was for you and your business.
Annie SchreyerThe Shift@heyanniemay
I had never heard about Abbey until the Shift!  I had no idea what to expect, but I was instantly blessed to be able to relate on so many different levels!  I was immediately motivated to be better. I have only been in “business” 9 months, so I am very thankful to you for helping me realize my priorities early on so I don’t miss out on all of the important things!I felt so empowered by my own shift that is happening.  Thank you so much for helping me take control of my time and my life!
The BensonsWorkshop Attendee@sugarrushphoto_video
We took Abbey's Associate workshop and freaking loved it. The way she teaches and breaks down big concepts makes everything feel realistic to learn, and makes you feel completely capable to achieve it. She helps you find the motivation for what you're wanting to change, then gives you the tools you need to make it happen. FAST. Such an amazing teacher who has helped us completely change our business into something bigger than we dreamed.
Abigail ErinThe Shift@abigailerinphotography
I came across Seven Summers through The Shift. I was so excited to hear about Digital Distractions from Abbey. It was better than I could have expected. I learned more about social media addiction in her class than I did writing a 10 page paper on it college.
Emily + WestonWedding Photography
Abbey was there from the beginning to end! She was able to see my vision for what I wanted and totally made it happen! Both me and my husband loved working with her because she was so fun to shoot with and helped us act completely natural and relaxed.
Mark MorrisIndustry Friend@workhive

Abbey brings energy and enthusiasm! She's an expert discussion leader, and has helped the small business owners and entrepreneurs in our office overcome obstacles as they grow their business. Abbey recently lead a workshop for our coworking office around effective digital marketing strategies that helped  attendees be more effective, and helped me rethink my own marketing efforts. I always look forward to hearing more from Abbey!

Ashley ZieglerWorkshop Attendee@ashleyzieglerphotos
I loved doing Abbey's online workshop. She always went above and beyond for everyone that was going through it. It was very well done and thought out. The assignments and exercises couldn't have been more helpful.
Dana ZebrowskiWorkshop Attendee@dana_rae_photography
I attended Abbey's workshop and to say it was a game changer is probably an understatement. It totally clarified so much for me with my business. It was intimate and it was great to have another mom and business woman be so real and honest.
Kami ShawWorkshop Attendee@kamio_photography_cda
Abbey's workshop completely changed the way I run my business. Her strategies gave me the courage to set boundaries, work smarter and run my business in a way that keeps my business from running my life.
Natalie FeltWorkshop Attendee@nataliefeltphotography
I enrolled in Abbey's online workshop and was so impressed from the very start. The information she provided me with helped me to immediately begin to organize my business in a more efficient way so that I could use my time more wisely.
Suzy HolmanWorkshop Attendee@simplysuzys
When I went to Abbey’s workshop I was drowning in my business. I had lots of clients and was working super hard and only making "good" money. I also was drowning personally, I couldn't find the balance between being a mom and a photographer and was almost going to walk away from my business.
Holly ReutzelWorkshop Attendee@hollyreutzel
Abbey Kyhl's workshop was the most motivational workshop I have ever attended!  Abbey was so transparent and created such a warm, inviting, and friendly environment.  I'm glad I attended her workshop when I was first starting out so I could avoid a lot of mistakes many photographers make.
Tiffanie PackerCoaching Student@tiffaniepacker
Abbey is an incredible photography coach and mentor.  With her experience in the industry, and her energetic personality, it's impossible to not like or trust her.  She gave me so much good advice when it came to picking my business off of the ground and building it right from the beginning.  She knows what works and how to set goals and achieve them.  
Angie BlackburnWorkshop Attendee@angieblackburnphotography
What I love about Abbey is she is REAL and genuine. She truly cares about what happens to you and she wants you to be successful. She is a great example and teacher for mom's because she puts family first and is still so successful at her business as well as her family. You will learn how to get what you want by making goals and working to achieve them in a realistic way.