I am so excited that you are interested in joining the Women Who Shine mastermind! Here are some of the important details you should look over before applying:


We are the heroes of our own stories. We feel called to serve other women and operate from a foundation of faith. We set profit goals and do the work to hit those profit goals. We believe in ourselves and rise to the challenges before us with strength. We are actively seeking opportunities to promote our products, services, communities, events and want the opportunity to grow them within the Women Who Shine framework. We feel called to teach and encourage those coming behind us and build communities of confident women skilled to do important work.

We desire to actively participate in a sisterhood that is committed to propelling each other forward, supporting and promoting one another, and finding others that we can uplift.

We are working towards becoming experts in every aspect of communication within our businesses. We are elevating our speaking, teaching, and audience and community building through our words, writing, content creation, business communication, campaign and funnel building. We aim to truly connect to our audiences and convert them to our services.


We strive to:

Cultivate clear and converting communication in each aspect of our businesses.
Master the basics in business and communication.
Create healthy routines, behaviors and habits in our lives and businesses.
Show up, do the work, and take action in our own lives and businesses.
Ask questions so we can continue to be teachable and achieve growth.
Hit deadlines, achieve benchmarks, and accomplish goals.


2-Hour Getting Started one-on-one coaching call with Abbey to dive deeper into where your business currently is and where you hope to take it.
90-minute one-on-one coaching time with Abbey each month.
Monday group coaching/teaching calls. These calls are recorded.
Mindset calls with Teila (1st Monday of the Month) – Teila our in-house mindset coach will meet to teach different topics and members can have one-on-one time with her to ask questions. These calls are recorded.
Wednesday office hours calls – Members can sign up for hot seats or just show up to ask questions or chat about things. These calls are recorded.
Complete access to Abbey – I am here to support you and help you achieve your goals! Most of our communication right now happens via Slack and Marco Polo.
Membership in the mastermind private Slack community.


60% affiliate commission on anyone who joins theblueprint™ course through your link. Ideally, I want everyone to be able to pay for the mastermind from what they gain from their affiliate commissions.
Referral bonus. If you refer a friend to the mastermind and they interview and end up joining you get one free month of the mastermind.
Invitation to 2 semi-annual in-person retreats. There will be no charge for the retreat, but you will be responsible for lodging and travel. We welcome babes in arms. One retreat occurs in September and one occurs in February. Both are in Utah.


Abbey’s mastermind is an answer to a prayer that I didn’t even know I needed! I wasn’t looking for a mastermind to join any time soon, but after hearing a few close friends rave about how amazing Abbey and her mastermind was, I wanted to see for myself. All it took was an email and an interview to be completely sold on this business venture! There are plenty of things I love about this mastermind and one of my favorite things is how invested Abbey is in helping each of us grow individually, both personally and in business, and helping us grow together as a community of women. From the very first day I joined, I knew that Abbey was on my team, rooting for me. She is so incredibly intentional about every aspect of this mastermind and is honest and open in a thoughtful and caring way. I truly can’t say enough good things about Abbey and this mastermind, it changed my life in such a short amount of time simply by having someone who believes in me, sees my potential when I can’t see it and wants me to get where I want to go. I’ve invested in other educational courses and workshops before, they’ve been great and helpful, but I’ve often felt like just a paycheck to them. But with Abbey, I feel like so much more. She keeps me accountable, motivated, at peace, inspired, down to earth and dreaming all at the same time! This is, without a doubt, the best investment I have ever made for myself and my business!
- Leah Hope Photography

So much can change in a short period of time. 6 months ago I had a dream on my heart and very few tools in my toolbelt. I was excited and willing to do the work but I had no idea where or how to start. I had spent the previous 6 months in a lot of trial and error. I was making progress, but it was slow. I vividly remember thinking, “There has got to be someone I can talk to who is further ahead on this journey, who has already made these mistakes the can help me avoid the obvious pitfalls”. In walked Abbey. She was the answer to prayers that I didn’t know I needed. I was afraid to make the investment, but I knew time was money and my approach so far was costing me so much time. I decided to take the plunge and I am forever grateful that I did. Not only did it accelerate my progress and help me avoid a lot of the mistakes I would have made, but it also brought me to a community. Abbey is a powerful, humble, and brilliant educator. But the community fortifies it all. Learning is one thing. But taking that journey with other women with the same purpose in their heart makes executing so much easier. Joining this community has filled my life with clarity, friendships, and so many tools. My business has been forever changed with this mastermind, but so has my life.
- Teila Marie Co.

The Mastermind has been LIFE CHANGING for my business and my family life. It has taught me to take a closer look at my “why” and to focus in on the most important tasks at had, thus seeing momentum and changes in such a short time! I’m learning to work ON my business and not as much IN my business. Not only am I making huge strides, but I’m also finding a balance between work and home life. Having someone to guide me along, with an outside perspective, has helped me realize and adjust the negative habits and patterns in my business workflow, and shifting them to a more productive way.
- Jessica White Photography

I had just launched a new product and it was not going as planned. I was bogged down and ready to quit my business of 6 years. I was introduced to Abbey and decided to take the chance on not only her, but my business as well. Abbey helped me find my true path and my business has skyrocketed since working with her! If you want to stop “playing” business and start thriving in it, invest in Abbey!
- Bre Design Co.

I can honestly say that the best thing I ever did for my business was learning how to run it like a business from the start. This lesson and its practices have helped me across the two different businesses I’ve started. No matter what Abbey is offering, whether it’s her mastermind, an in-person workshop, online class, or speaking to an audience, (which I’ve participated in all of these), I know I’ll learn a lot, and feel pumped about life. Now that I’m having my first child and starting a whole new phase in my journey, I’m so excited that I have Abbey on my team!
- Amy with Hirschi Creative

I was tired of being tired and pushing everything in my life aside for work. I signed up for theblueprint™️ and then joined the Women Who Shine mastermind. Abbey totally gets me. She helps me implement everything I am learning so I can make space and time in my life to be present.
- Emily Hardy Photography

I keep coming back for more from Abbey! I want to be present for my family and grow my business. She teaches me exactly what I need to do to be good at both. She has pushed me and helped me break down my goals so I can actually achieve them in any area of life! The mastermind is helping me open my mind to new possibilities and ideas that I wouldn’t have come up with myself or on my own. The women in here are doing such big things – I feel like the small fish in the pond, but that’s exactly why I wanted to join – to elevate my own thinking! Having Abbey check in with me throughout the month and keep me accountable and act as a sounding board helps me get past fear and procrastination and push myself further than I used to do on my own. It is amazing!
- Kinsey Holt Photography

Working with Abbey is not just changing my business. She’s changing my life, my heart and soul for the better! When I started working with Abbey, I was running down a path to nowhere. Chasing a life that I THOUGHT was intended for me. I was settling for mediocre all while attempting to balance work and family life but failing. Working with Abbey I have now learned how to master my time, create manageable and achievable schedules and she has shown me a world so far beyond what I thought I was capable of. Since working with Abbey I have doubled my photography pricing and now booking my ideal client. With the skills she has taught me, it gave me the confidence to have created 2 new sources of income for my business, both of which would not have been possible without her. I guarantee working with Abbey you will feel renewed, refreshed, and inspired to create a life that you have always dreamt of but she’ll show you the skills and wireframe to actually achieve it if you do the work.
- Nicole Brown


When does enrollment open for the Women Who Shine mastermind?

Enrollment for the mastermind opens every June and every December. 6-month spots are available. Space is limited.

What is the cost of the mastermind?

The Women Who Shine mastermind is $250 per month and is purchased in six-month memberships. There is a discount for paying in full when joining.

Do I have to be a member of theblueprint™ in order to join the mastermind?

Yes. You must be a member of theblueprint™ course in order to participate in the mastermind. Logistically it would just be impossible to keep up if you weren’t. If you are not a member, there will be a discounted rate available to join.

What stage of business do I need to be in to join the mastermind?

The Women Who Shine mastermind has members that are at all levels of business. From 1 years to 10+ years, there really isn’t a stage of business that you have to be in order to be a good fit for our group. Any entrepreneur knows, there is always room to grow and that desire to keep moving forward and keep setting goals and achieving those goals is what really matters to success in our group. We also have so many women with so many different areas of expertise that there are many situations where one day a member might be the student and the next day they are the teacher.