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By Abbey Kyhl Faith-Filled Writer. Founder of Women Who Shine + theblueprint™.

I’m just here to take care of the people God has assigned to me. Blessed with what I need. Working hard for what I want.

Sometimes I wished that I could shoot every single family session at Memory Grove.

It is definitely one of my favorite locations.

I just love the colors and all the scenery in memory grove and I never get tired of shooting there.
I also never get tired of photographing my dear friend McCall and her family. They are some of my longtime favorites. Its crazy to think we have been friends for nearly a decade. And that I have been doing their family photos each year for that same amount of time.

My favorite part of seeing her family each year for family photos is that it is basically a non-stop laugh fest the entire time. Her husband and oldest son have us in stitches from the minute they walk up. Neither of them love family photos (big surprise from boys, right). But then they goof off and make jokes the entire time. So we have to keep stopping to compose ourselves and it ends up being so much fun. One of these days I will post a gallery of all of the funny faces they make and all the silly things they do.

I also think its sweet that they come along and for the most part are good sports. Because family photos are one of the most important things to McCall. She has done them every year since she and Jaren were married, and here is the really great part, McCall has saved every single Christmas card anyone has ever sent her. She has an amazing collection and she loves looking back on all of the cards she has collected over the years. What a special tradition!

I am excited to show off their 2018 edition of family photos with her adorable family.


Family photography is my jam! I would love to capture your next family session. Whether it is fall leaves, spring blossoms or in your home, I can’t wait! Just send me a message and we can get going on the details! You can also view more of my recent work in my family session portfolio.

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