Sprouting Photographer Podcast – How to Make More Money by Running an Associate Team

By Abbey Kyhl Faith-Filled Writer. Founder of Women Who Shine + theblueprint™.

I’m just here to take care of the people God has assigned to me. Blessed with what I need. Working hard for what I want.

Want to learn how to make more money by running an associate team?

One of the most frequent topics that people want to chat with me about is how we built our associate team and how we made it successful so quickly. I love talking about my team, honestly about as much as I love talking about my kids. They are such a source of pride for me. I am so proud of all that we have accomplished and all that we have done! So when Bryan from Sprouting Photographer (and our favorite Sprout Studio) asked me if I wanted to sit down and talk about our team, my answer was of course YES! We talked about so many of the important elements of building a team and how I was able to accomplish things I never thought possible when I was just a one-woman show.

If you are considering starting an associate team, you won’t want to miss this one. And if you are really ready to make the jump, I would highly encourage you to check our all-inclusive course The Team Builder. This is the step-by-step blueprint to building your own associate team and covers everything we have learned and implemented to be successful. To access even more of our business and education material check out theblueprint™!


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