Squashing The “Someday” Epidemic

Join me as we squash the “someday” epidemic!

See this right here…this is my “mom face.” This is the look I give my kids when they are telling me some long drawn out story about why they can’t clean their rooms, do their chores, get their homework done, learn to ride their bikes, or a million other things. This is also the face I am pretty sure I give my coaching and mentoring students when they are spouting off their laundry list of reasons why they can’t grow their businesses or reach their goals…

“I don’t have enough time.”
“I don’t have enough money.”
“I don’t know how.”
“I don’t have enough clients.”
“I don’t want to be a bad parent.”

The list goes on and on…

Now don’t get me wrong, there are real “obstacles” that stand in all of our ways. We all have obstacles. No one just decides to do anything and POOF it happens. I personally am constantly dealing with the struggle of not having enough time and money to chase all the dreams I want to bring to life. There are so many things I need to learn to reach the goals I have. One thing I find myself constantly faced with and challenged by is the concept of “Someday” and the epidemic that it can become for holding us back, which I want to chat about today.

First, let’s do a little exercise. Go get a pen and paper, or open a document on your computer since you are sitting right in front of it. Ask yourself this, “What are your someday plans?” Write them down…When you are done with that, I want you to look at each of those things and answer these questions…

“Why aren’t these things part of your ‘right now’ plans?”
“What is the obstacle standing in your way?”
“How important are they to you?”

So now that we have goal and the obstacles standing in front of it…let’s get to addressing them and making them part of our right now plans.

Make the most important decision…is it really worth pursuing?

Not every idea I have ever had, or everything I have ever wanted to do was a winner. Trust me. There have been things I have let consume my mind and time that were real duds. There have been others that weren’t total duds, but they weren’t as good as other ideas I have had. For example, before I got into teaching and launched Seven Summers I wanted to launch a wedding blog. This blog was no different than any other wedding blog and would not have succeeded because I didn’t have a unique enough idea to make it stand out. Plus, I wasn’t as passionate about it as other things. There was also a time, and I know you are going to laugh, that I wanted to sell everything we had, move to a new town and do something crazy like buy a zoo.

This isn’t a joke, I am dead serious.

This idea consumed me for months. Granted, it was right around the time that the movie We Bought A Zoo came out, but I really wanted to completely abandon everything we knew and do something crazy. That idea wasn’t a gem either, because the reality of life is that we want to live close to family, we want our kids to have a stable growing up, and my husband needs reliable health insurance because he has diabetes. Oh, and there is also the tiny detail about the fact that I don’t really like animals that much. I love going to the zoo, but the thought of shoveling poop, feeding them, and taking care of them just isn’t something I can see myself doing. So it was a great idea, and would work for some people, but it wouldn’t work for us.

But there are other ideas I have had that were total winners, and totally worth pursuing. Moving to Northern Utah was a great idea and has been an amazing thing for our family. Specializing in wedding photography was a great idea because it opened up so many doors for me and helped me propel my business in a way only specializing could do. Deciding to no longer shoot weddings on the weekends was also a great idea for me because it helped me be a better mom, which is always my ultimate goal. Starting an associate time was my best idea ever. They were all definitely ideas worth pursuing.

So its time to decide. If it’s worth pursuing, let’s do it! Or if it isn’t it’s time to let it go, let’s do that, and make more room in our mind for other things.

If it is worth pursuing. Write it down. Writing it down makes it real. 

Nothing, in my mind, becomes real and achievable until you write it down. So its time to write down whatever those goals are. Whatever your “someday” file still consists of. This is the first step to making it a reality. I recommend getting a notebook and making it the header on its own sheet of paper. This will help in the next few steps.

Set a date.

In order to become real, it needs to have a timeline. Like for me, when I dreamed about not working on Saturdays anymore, it didn’t become real until I wrote it down and set a date to it. I gave myself six months to make this a reality. By placing a date on it, I took one more step to making it real. There isn’t anything in your business that shouldn’t have a date attached to it. So whether it is a month, six months, a year, etc…you need to give it a time frame and a date when you want to accomplish it. Even if you don’t get it right on that deadline, you are hopefully staying on track and can come pretty darn close.

I know what you’re thinking…that’s it? That’s all I have to do to squash the “one day epidemic?” It’s not…continue reading.

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