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Tell me about “theblueprint™”

I was recently sitting down with a friend and she was asking me all about what was new with me and what I was currently working on. I was excited to tell her all the details about what we are doing and started to think that maybe some of our students, our fans, or even our followers might not always know exactly what it is that we are working on. Technology is an amazing thing, but one of the struggles that it brings is that we are so bombarded every day with information that we don’t always have the time to really read the fine print and understand the details of everything that is in front of us.

I thought it would be worth it to sit down and tell you why we have decided to focus on one product/course/community and help fill in the details about why theblueprint™ is undoubtedly the best educational product I have ever produced and been a part of. So here you go!

The breakdown of exactly what theblueprint™ is:

  • You will begin with our Start Smart guide which will get you in the right mindset and share with you all my favorite business lessons.
  • 30 lessons (I detailed all the lesson topics at the bottom of this post)
  • Twice a year we will have a big kick-off. January after the kids go back to school from winter break. August after the kids go back to school from summer break.
  • Each lesson focuses on a different part of business and life. The most fundamental and foundational lessons that have led to my success and increased my ability to achieve harmony between business and family.
  • Each lesson consists of 4 key elements that increase accountability and the ability to get the work done:
    • The lesson material
    • Our Get Going, Get Growing™ Checklist that lays out step-by-step the exact homework you need to do.
    • Step-by-step blueprints and worksheets that help you completely jump right into our approach and process.
    • The better at time. better at life.™ worksheets that will help you set more manageable and achievable goals and break those goals in a way that ensures you can get them done! They will also help you learn how you use your time more wisely, identify where you can be more effective, and puts you on track to become a master at your minutes.
  • In theblueprint™ Facebook Group, you can ask questions, post wins and obstacles, participate in challenges and engage with our community. This is one of my favorite parts because theblueprint™ isn’t just a course, its a community!

Our four favorites things about theblueprint™:

  • Lessons that bring accountability and support so you can make progress in your business without coming at the expense of your family or yourself!
  • Our Accountability in Action weekly live coaching calls that will help you track your goals and keep moving forward and give you personal time with me!
  • Our Partner Program which allows you to get paid when you help us grow theblueprint™ community!
  • Our weekly check-ins where I help you lay out your goals, stay on track and finish strong!

And let’s not forget the Template Library which includes:

  • Lifetime access to classes from other industry leaders and educators on a variety of topics!
  • Every single one of my templates and documents! One of the things that our members have raved about the most is access to our template library which includes:
    • My step-by-step workflow guide with 10 workflows!
    • All my template emails
    • All of my questionnaires
    • My photography contracts
    • All my planning worksheets
    • My business plan worksheet
    • My marketing worksheets
    • My pricing & information guides
    • My session prep guides
    • …and SO much more!

theblueprint™ Lesson Topics:

  • Start Smart Guide
  • Lesson 1 – Make Space For Success
  • Lesson 2 – Take Control Of Your Time
  • Lesson 3 – Go from Hacks To Habits
  • Lesson 4 – Kick-Start Marketing
  • Lesson 5 – The Seven Summers Solution™
  • Lesson 6 – Business Foundations
  • Lesson 7 – Small Steps, Big Impact
  • Lesson 8 – Strength, Service and Self-Care
  • Lesson 9 – Achieve Harmony Between Business & Family
  • Lesson 10 – Ideal Clients, Loyal Advocates, and Messaging
  • Lesson 11 – Curate Your Client Experience
  • Lesson 12 – Pricing
  • Lesson 13 – Sharpen Your Selling Skills
  • Lesson 14 – Building A Brand, Designing Branding
  • Lesson 15 – Workflows That Work, Systems = Success
  • Lesson 16 – Get Going, Get Growing
  • Lesson 17 – Marketing Foundations
  • Lesson 18 – Plan Marketing & Analyze Results
  • Lesson 19 – Make Marketing Manageable
  • Lesson 20 – Create Consistent Content
  • Lesson 21 – Website
  • Lesson 22 – Blogging
  • Lesson 23 – SEO
  • Lesson 24 – Social Media Marketing
  • Lesson 25 – Dealing With Digital Distractions
  • Lesson 26 – Newsletters & Email Marketing
  • Lesson 27 – Scale Up
  • Lesson 28 – Faith > Fear
  • Lesson 29 – Make It Happen
  • Lesson 30 – 8 Weeks To Being Booked
  • BONUS: The Team Builder Mini-Course
  • BONUS: theblueprint™ Complete List of Resources

Frequently Asked Questions about theblueprint™:

  • Is this just for photographers? Nope! Though my background is in photography, the lessons we are covering have helped photographers, videographers, bloggers, graphic designers, wedding industry professionals, small shop owners, fitness teams, and many other creative-based businesses. To see who theblueprint™ is for check out this post.
  • Is there any content that is just for photographers? Yes, actually there is. Because my background is in photography I have a lot of amazing industry friends who teach courses, especially technical courses, just for photographers and we have compiled an awesome list that will help direct you right to the best of the best in the areas of photography that theblueprint™ doesn’t cover.
  • Do I have to join in January or August to participate? Nope! The amazing thing about theblueprint™ is that you can start anytime. Maybe you saw a post we did somewhere about the pricing lesson and that is the exact thing you need help with right now! Then let’s get started right now. No need to wait.
  • Can I purchase individual lessons al la carte if there is just one I am really interested in? Unfortunately, the lessons aren’t available for individual purchase.
  • .Will I receive access to everything at once? Yep!
  • What if I have questions? That is what we are here for. There are multiple ways to get questions answered. You can ask them in theblueprint™ facebook group, you can ask them in the school, you can also email me directly!
  • What if I need extra help? You might find that some topics are more challenging and you need some 1-on-1 help and we are happy to do that. We have 1-on-1 coaching available for all of the members of theblueprint™.

So there you go! If you are READY TO JOIN just click here and let’s get started!

Still not sure if theblueprint™ is right for you? Well, we detailed out exactly WHO the blueprint is for. Click HERE to see if you are one of those people!





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