Who We Help: Amy Hirschi

By Seven Summers

Stop waiting for the right time, time isn't waiting for you

Today we are so excited to share a testimonial from one of our all-star clients!

Amy Hirschi is a talented entrepreneur and one of the most positive and joy-filled people we know. Here is what Amy had to say…

Tell us about your business:

I love working with people in many different capacities. Whether I’m designing their brand and website, taking their photos, or helping with a new social media strategy.

What sparked your interest in working with Abbey?

I was looking for guidance and work that I loved. I always loved Abbey’s work as a photographer, seeing her photograph a few people’s wedding’s that I personally knew. I had just quit a full time job that I absolutely HATED, and was looking for some direction.

What problems were you trying to troubleshoot when you started working with Abbey.

I knew I could make good money with photography but wasn’t sure where to go or how to start. I was also getting frustrated with not booking any clients.

Were your problems resolved (or on their way to being solved)?

I went from wanting to book any client to wanting to book my ideal clients.

My big goals now is to keep booking branding clients from people who don’t know me personally. It’s started to happen, and it gives me such a thrill! It’s so exciting to book someone solely off of my work and not because we have mutual friends. It’s also exciting for people to find me and follow me on social media based on my work!

Tell us about a project that Abbey helped you do better, smarter or more efficient:

Scheduling! Schedule blogging, Facebook posts, and time off; and then stick to it all! This keeps me SO organized. I also now have strict business hours, and I plan ahead when I want to work and make sure that I don’t allow myself to be available to people when I know I have something else I want to be present for.

What is one of the biggest lessons you learned in working with Abbey?

When I say yes to a client, I’m saying no to other things such as time with my husband, parties, me time, etc. I’m worth my time and money! The importance of putting things that matter to most to me, like my husband and family, above my business.

What was the biggest reward in working with Abbey?

My future outlook has changed for sure! I’ve discovered that I’m wanting to be more of a designer and brand. I now blog about a lot of different things I’m doing, like traveling and not just my work. Before, I thought I would want to be a part time photographer and maybe part time somewhere else, but I’m realizing that now I am creating a brand that I can make money off of. I want to educate people, design websites, and be a recognized brand photographer.

What would you tell someone who is considering hiring Abbey’s team?

You’ll learn how to be efficient, how to please your clients in a professional way, and under your terms, not like they own you. I think this would be great for anyone that has something big in their lives, whether that is school, work, or family, or just finding balance in general.

Amy’s story is a beautiful example of confidence and courage. We’ve loved watching Amy build a powerhouse business, travel the world, and manage to keep her priorities in balance throughout the adventure. To keep up with Amy make sure to check out her website and follow her on instagram

We are passionate about helping others find their unique voice, and write their own stories. If you need guidance or a community to help you achieve your goals come join us!

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