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Let’s take a look at what one of our favorite consulting clients Foil & Ink had to say about working with us!

We are so excited today to introduce you to one of our favorite consulting clients! Foil & Ink is an amazing design company from Phoenix! They specialize in authentic branding, custom wedding invitation design, Showit website templates, and all things graphic design. In fact, they did all of the Seven Summers Creative branding which we just LOVE!!!! We are big fans of Foil & Ink and we absolutely love watching Jacki and her team grow in a such an intentional and organized way! We sat down with Jacki and here are some of the things she shared during our chat…

Tell us about your business: 

Foil & Ink is a creative design business specializing in artistic wedding invitations and branding for photographers and small business owners. We have a fresh, creative and modern approach to our designs.

What are your top three goals for this coming year? 

  1. Have my invitation site and new wedding line all set up to run 90% on its own.
  2. Ramp up my sales for site designs. I am trying to create at least 3-4 new designs this year.
  3. Make 6 figures.

What sparked your interest in working with us? 

I needed some serious help getting organized. I don’t have a problem with creating my products, it’s getting them out there online for the world to see that is a huge struggle for me. Abbey & her team seemed to have the perfect recipe for marketing your business without spending countless hours in front of the computer and away from my family.  You, of course, have to put some extra hours in up front, but it quickly pays off once you complete the tasks they give you.

What problems were you trying to troubleshoot when you started working with us? 

Getting my social media, blogging, and workflows set up.  It’s a lot for one person to figure out and manage.

Were your problems resolved (or on their way to be being solved)? 

Absolutely. My blogging and social media have ramped up quite a bit. I am getting numerous inquiries each day because of it.

What tasks were you excited to outsource (tasks that you did not enjoy/caused you heartache) to us? 

BLOGGING. Social media posting, client management set up.

Tell us about a recent project that we helped you do better, smarter, or more efficient?

I have been working on getting my new Foil & Ink invitation site up and running.  I am wanting to take on twice as many brides this year, which means getting a better client management system and workflow in place.  They have helped put that together for me as well as take over my Pinterest which has directed a great deal of brides my way.

What would you tell someone who is afraid to outsource?

That it will be the best and most freeing decision you make. You will want to outsource everything once you see how wonderful it is.

What goals did you accomplish by working with us? 

Client management system is almost completely finished, blogging and social media are running continuously.

What is one of the biggest lessons you learned in working with us? 

That sometimes you need someone else to make a game plan for you. You need someone else who isn’t attached to their work to tell you the honest truth about what is working for your business and what isn’t. And you always need to be planning ahead.

What would you tell someone who is considering hiring us?

I would say not to hesitate in starting right away!  Be sure to make time in your calendar to get everything together and ready for Abbey’s team to start things off with a bang.

What was the biggest reward in working with us? 

I got to get a better understanding of how important creating content, blogging and planning out social media was. I have been able to hand over so many things that I used to spend so much time doing, THAT I DIDN’T EVEN LIKE.

What is your end goal?

To only be working 25 hours a week while still making 6 figures. To be able to travel and spend time with my family and know that my business can still run without me.

We personally want to thank Foil & Ink for being such an amazing client to work with and are so excited to continue our work with them. If you are interested in becoming one of our consulting clients contact us to for availability and pricing. Some of the things we frequently do for other small creative businesses include: coaching, blogging with an emphasis on SEO, strategic social media posting and scheduling across all platforms, content creation, brand identity molding, and much MUCH more. Every consulting client is so unique along with their needs. The best part about our approach to helping these clients is that it is completely personable and customizable.

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