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I'm Abbey

Just a mom writing about the things that matter most to us. Home, family, the Savior, and our everyday efforts to create more heaven on earth.

I remember this moment 6 months after the pandemic had hit when the world had changed for all of us. I had closed my coaching business for what I thought was a temporary period of time so I could homeschool my youngest kids but only for just as long as was absolutely necessary. I just had to get through this season and then I would jump right back into the hustle that was my life pre-pandemic. 

But then everything fell apart, and not just in the outside world. Things that I had been doing for years (hustling, striving, building businesses) seemed like the exact wrong thing for me to go back to. Some may call it burnt out, but it felt different than that. It just felt like I wasn’t in the right place anymore. 

What feels life giving?

A wise friend of mine shared words with me that started me on a path I so desperately needed to be on if I was going to head in the direction God wanted me to go.

She asked me to write down what in my life felt life-giving. I worked on that list for an entire month and in the end I only wrote down a few things. I looked at that short little list and realized I had built this busy, wildly successful life that I wanted little to do with.

Have you ever felt that way? It wasn’t depression. It wasn’t unhappiness. It wasn’t a fake life.

It was just pursuing the wrong good things. Have you ever done that?

Things that just aren’t meant for you in the season of life you are in. Somewhere along the way we say yes to opportunities because we are just too afraid to say no. Even though we know we should.

And the longer I thought about that little list the more I realized I had no desire to go back to most of it. And here’s the thing…sometimes a lack of desire can speak just as much as an abundance of it.

So here I am, a few years into pursuing something different and ready to share with you what that pursuit looks like. I’m glad you are here.

I can’t wait to hear your story.



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